Black Spirituality Religion : ((((((((((((THE BIG WHITE LIE))))))))))))

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    There is a great big difference between what GOD says and what the bible says: when you accept a lie then the lie becomes your truth.

    The biblical text is nothing more than a book of long-range planning by white folks about your future, black people. The backbone and premise of our former slavery is the basis for White Supremacy. White Supremacy’s biggest fear is the liberation of black people from the allegoric lies of the bible since our collective mental liberation would ordain racism and racist acts ineffectual.. Therefore, White Supremacy must hold onto these “evil” tenets to remain powerful..

    Prophecy is nothing more than pre-planned work. Since the work was pre-planned when the work appears in fruition you think with wonder that it is prophecy coming forth. What a myth!

    Many are taught from childhood -- before they can even read and write-- that the bible is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Many are taught from childhood that the bible is the word of GOD. Inside the context of this thinking, if you believe that the bible is the word of GOD then you will believe every single word in this book from cover to cover.

    Many phrases in the bible refer to black people as accursed and in need of a master to guide them. This is not GOD talking; this is White Supremacy in its purest form. GOD is pure truth, justice and understanding. Why would such a GOD speak negatively against one group and uplift another?

    I’ve mentioned collusion before. Those in collusion are:


    Ask yourself…

    1. If Noah was such a righteous man why was he drinking in the first place?

    2. Do you think Noah --in his drunken--stupor remembered a so-Called sodomizaton by Ham?

    3. Why was Caanan accursed when it was supposedly Ham who did the alledged deed?

    I will answer these questions simply by saying chapter 10 in Genesis is about land, money and power control over Afrika. And if that were not enough chapter 11 goes into the Tower of Babel! Name coding has been brought forth to cover the truth.

    Ham is the progenitor of the modern day Afrikan people.
    Shem is the progenitor of the modern day Jews-Hebrews & Arab people.
    Japheth is the progenitor of the modern day Europeans (e.g. Gentiles)

    Because some of you believe the bible is infallible you believe the negative things said about Ham and Caanan. What a brain-washed pity.

    In conclusion the bible you hold infallible is of a European-Genesis. Since you believe and accept the words as true then doesn’t that make you a Europeanized Black Christian?


    Source: Dr. Ray Hagins
    Read - Comprehend - Understand and Discern Black People