Black Poetry : The biblecord of Life, Thy Chain was broken When I flowed through my mothers womb

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    The biblecord of Life, Thy Chain was broken When I flowed through my mothers womb, the link Heaven
    By Jacqueline Amos

    Submerging warmth within my mothers womb, link between the heavens an earth, darkness with calm as I await to reach the light, development stage of human form that I await, Freedom the gift from God, to live to breath, to be loved without harm, A gift to women, the womb of the universe, the pain the struggle that I await through my mothers womb, the life line a gift given to women, the image of God, the blessed seed, from the fountain of life.

    Thy mother the pain, the breath of life, The pain the symbol of the crucifix which they hanged Jesus from the cross, the blood that stored for nine months that Jesus lost. To give thee life, the like of love and the respect for God, The blessing of women the symbol of love, blessings from God.

    The bible cord of life, the cutting of the chains that I may be free, the struggle the symbols of the pain that I Jesus felt, women the incubator of his love, and the scars that she carries, as she set beside the cross, the gift of life, the sacrifice of pain, the rebirth of life, the symbol of the new born king.

    There is no slavery beyond the gates of thy God, Man creates the stages of disgrace, freedom was given at the stage of rebirth, the scars the blood in the palms of woman’s hand, Rise my brothers and give her great love, the agony that she carries for nine months, the pain an suffering to give life, think the symbol of thy Jesus, the pain of love.

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    Dedicated to:
    I felt my mothers pain as I flowed through her womb, the chains were broken when I entered the light. God freed me when he said there will be life.

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