Chief Elder Osiris : The Bible Is The Book Of Lucifer ( God)

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    The Bible Is The Book Of Lucifer ( God)

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Divine Revelation reveal Divine Truth.

    From the Divine Word, which symbolizing the Divine Essence, (Nu = God) to the Goddess Nut symbolizing the Gender to conceive, it referencing the Star-Sun, ( Feminine ) to the Son god Tefnut, it symbolizing the Planets of the physical Universe, such Divine Reality represent the Triad of the Divine Essence wearing the verification of Eternal Infinity, it being the Divine Darkness of which is the Divine Energy Intelligence, from which all things are revealed To Be.

    Therefore the Beings of the Darkness are not Afrikan or Hebrew, nor Jew nor Gentile, nor Arab nor Caucasian, you Divine Beings of the Darkness, are the Children of the Divine essence, Tribe you are not to be Divided into, and no Alpha And Omega, you are a Descendant from your Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, you are the result of Infinity, children of the Gods of the physical Universe and they that are the physical Universe, being the Divine Descendants of the Divine Essence, the verification of Eternal Infinity.

    As long as Black people put a limit upon ourselves, it will be as long as we remain ignorant of ourselves, and not to know who you are, assure your self to be the student of those who make claim not to be of a natural ingredient that has the power to have you to be a perfect Being, living a Divine Life in your Divine Body, Divinely Black that it is.

    There is no book that come from a Divine Mind that dispense lies and deception, referencing Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, claiming to be able to predict what will take place in the present and in the not present, things that have not yet come and it being able to gain creditability with a Divine Mind, only a profane Mind without knowledge of the Divine Essence, without understanding of the Universe, and is without knowledge of self, will make such a false claim to such a book.

    Such a book has been compiled by evil and deceiving men, claiming to be servants of God, portraying themselves as scribes, prophets, Hierophants and children of the God that is portrayed in the Book referred to as the Bible, claiming it to be the word literary, of God himself.

    Beloved, have we fallen so far away from the use of our Divine Mind to the extent we have no shame in attempting to take credit of a Book that has been used to Dumb Down Black people so low until we have no knowledge of our Divine Descendancy?

    Have you Black People no knowledge of your Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, they being the first of a people with a phenotype that is the image of the Perfect Night, a people of such a Divinity that caused them to have no need to write what they knew that a Divine Mind will be qualified to remember, by the use of the Mind process of retaining information to be passed on, one to the other, verbally and Divinely Mentally, meaning having the ability to profoundly Reason and be Rational and Logical when recognizing the Divine Truth in Life?

    The Bible is a source of evidence that prove the writers were in fact liars, thief and robbers, making claim to that which did come from the mind of the writers of that book called the bible, they taking bits and pieces of information stolen and taken from others, and they lying about it being the word of God, a God somewhere in the Sky, when it is that book, the bible, which is referencing the God of this world and Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, they being his attributes that represent Evil.

    No, No, beloved,do not allow anybody to convince you about a book that has been used to bring about the Destruction of the Black Family Nation, a book referred to as the bible, a book of influence based upon lies and deception, to have you to believe that such a book come out from the Divine Mind of your Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors.

    Yet here we are, Black people in such a lost of self identity, to the point we will attempt to place ourselves into the word play of Lucifer Bible and make claim such a book is what our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors have left for us to interpret and make claim of it being our own, when in fact the Divine Truth is meant to be known and Understood by your Mental Action of Divine Thinking about such a Divine Truth, which is revealed to you without causing you confusion about its origin and about from whence the Divine Truth come.

    In order to be qualified to recognize the Divine Truth, then you must be of a quality Spirit that will allow you to know what is of your Ancient Divine Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, and what is not, you must be qualified to know what is Divine Writing and what is not, and a Divine mind will cause you to be of a Divine Spirit that will put you in such a Mental Dimension that will have you to know what is from your Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors Mind, and what is not, and again, Divine Knowledge beget Divine knowledge, it does not change, nor does it play games with your Divine Mind, in its revelation to you, beloved.

    So it is the Book, Divine Spirituality that rival that book called the Bible and Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, is a book that will inform you of your need to regain your Divine Mind and will inform you the best Mental procedure to use to get to know who you Divinely are, beloved.

    So the Link below will be the first step, should you choose to take it, that will guide you to the book that will have you to reclaim your Divine Mind, which will have you to become qualified in expressing your Divine Spirituality, a Spirit that will compel you to rest not, until you have regained your Liberation, beloved

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    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]

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