Brother AACOOLDRE : The Bible Code: finding its Enigma machines to decode

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    THE BIBLE CODE: Finding its Enigma machines to decode

    By Andre Austin

    If the New Testament was written in Code

    Then there are at least two other books offering to Decode

    Its Rosetta stone to translate is called Typology or Typesetting

    Now you’re getting closer to the road of truth of begetting

    Typology is basing one character upon another

    Its like linking a DNA tree of a sister to a brother

    Knowing the truth of the Bible’s Enigma

    Your colleagues disassociate from you and cause a stigma

    They are too old, too academic too serious don’t know how to have fun

    They are blind to the facts and can’t see all the smoking guns

    The truth resides in a lonely place

    They will character assassinate you with a chisel to deface

    But the parachute from God will arrive with its grace

    When the die is set; the trial is over and that’s the case

    For academia can’t comprehend Holy Scripture have deeper meaning in Allegory

    No bare words, but they unfold like Dominos in Typology

    With the effeminate planting no virtuous trees in the Forrest

    After a crack in its armor the foundation of lies falls and rest

    Take for example the Anus & the Anubis Dog attacking Paul’s flesh being very racy

    Sodom: “Shades of the underworld” the Dog turned waste into delicacies

    Sodom was also sex in the Anus this is surely a conspiracy

    The sex crimes of Domitian “scorching prisoners genitals” * was no fantasy

    Why do you think Paul names means Tiny

    Just ask the OT Saul who ordered men privates to be mini

    Domitian escaped his murder by an Isis robe and the Anubis Mask

    He then persecuted Christians and got into Paul’s ***

    Then cut off his head and the die was Cast

    Compliments of the Alpha & Omega: The first & the Last

    For with all due respect Domitian loved Isis

    Because she and Anubis freed him from a crisis

    The inscriptions of Isis read “I’am all, that which has been, is and shall be”**

    Domitian turned it into a song for the world to see:

    “Holy, Holy, Holy

    Is the Lord God Almighty

    Who was, and is, and is to come” (Rev 4:8)***

    Like the ashes of his cremation

    Then comes the Benben bird or the phoenix for the lord of the nation

    Then the many of Domitian building construction

    Was given to Jupiter (Amen) for the prolific creation and functions (Rev 4:14)

    · See Suetonius (Domitian 10)

    ** .See The mystery religions By S. Angus p.71

    *** Before Vespasian was called Caesar Domitian was called Caesar then it was taken back given to Vespasian, then to Titus and lastly returned to Domitian. This is the correct interpretation “Alpha and Omega” (Rev 1:8) and who was, is, and to come

    Domitian coins match the seven golden Lampstands with his deceased boy like a son of man (Rev 1:13) Then Domitian was baldheaded so he wears a wig of a Lambs wool just like it was sated at (Rev 1:14). We must learn decode the truth so we can stop worshiping three white men (Vespasian, Titus and Domitian as the Catholic Trinity

    Typology of OT Saul with NT Saul/Paul:

    1. Both from tribe of Benjamin

    2. Both said to be changed into different person

    3. King Saul ordered castration King Domitian ordered Saul/Paul castration

    4. Both are reputed to be beheaded