Black Spirituality Religion : The Beauty of Being Human

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    Assalamu alaykum all

    Knowing of all the misinformation, disinformation, and polemical propaganda about Islam, I felt compelled to share my understanding as to what this religion is all about. God willing, I can provide a lucid perspective on the spiritual matters of identity and purpose.

    "Certainly we created man in the best make." (Al-Quran, 95: 4)

    "So set thy face toward religion, being upright, the nature made by Allah which He has created men. There is no altering Allah's creation. That is the right religion - but most people know not." (ibid., 30: 30)

    As creations of God, our very beings are pure and beautiful. Everyone of us is born in a state of al-islam (note the use of a lowercase i), and upon our coming into this world, the platform on which we build the divine spirit latent within us is set. This natural spirituality is termed fitrah in Arabic. It is derived from the same root as one of the names of Allah (swt), Al-Fatir, the Originator. As the verses imply, nothing has the power to alter this original quality, therefore though one may stunt his or her growth with evil, potential remains limitless.

    There are three stages in our development: the ammarah (animal stage), the lawwamah (human stage), and the mutma'innah (divine realization/spiritual perfection).

    Ammarah, which in a more literal sense means, one accustomed to command evil, is of course the lowest. This is when the mind is ruled by sexual passions, aggressiveness, selfishness, etc. If this portion of the self goes unchecked, the being as a whole deteriorates.

    Nafs lawwamah (the self-accusing spirit), is the second tier of development, but the first of enlightenment. It is that stage in which conscience asserts itself, and the human becomes stronger than the animal. The Prophet Muhammad (saw) was once asked how one could know the depth of his or her faith. He said: "If thou derive pleasure from the good which thou hast performed and thou be grieved for the evil which thou hast committed, thou art a true believer." He was then asked what constitutes an evil. His reply was: "When anything pricketh thy conscience, forsake it."

    "Now surely in Allah's remembrance do hearts find rest. Those who believe and do good, a good final state is theirs and a goodly return." (Al Qur'an, 13: 28, 29)

    In the last level, mutma'innah, the integrity and righteousness of a person is rewarded by Allah (swt) with real joy and peace of mind; a "heaven on earth," if you will. Your power as God's special creation is fully realized, and the struggle with sinful propensities passes away. The soul now exists on a higher plane. The fruits of this existence cannot be appreciated to the extent of their actual value in the physical realm. The ultimate reward is to be enveloped by God's love after death: "O soul that art at rest, return to thy Lord, well-pleased, well-pleasing" (ibid., 89: 27-28).

    Muslims believe that in His wisdom, Allah (swt) has ordained a set of exercises (the five pillars of Islamic practice) which serve to facilitate our spiritual maturation. Unfortunately, it is these five practices which have been stigmatized as "religion," when Islam is technically a state of being that has been with us from the beginning, and the practices a relatively new means of attaining that state. I'll close with two of my favorite sayings of the Prophet (saw):

    "Learn to know thyself."

    "He who knoweth his own self, knoweth God."

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    very well said brotha

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    As-Salaamu-Alaikum, imam_nasir...great thread...shokran for posting...jazaka'la.
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    Excellent thread Iman_Nasir......Salaam.