Pan Africanism : The Bamum Script and Swahili

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    Around 6 months ago, I asked which language a United Africa should use. The Obvious answer was Swahili. Later, we debated which script: Bamum came up.

    Here's how it looks:


    It has 73 symbols and 10 numerals.

    Obviously, whatever script we use, it should be written from right to left (the history of left to right relates with orienting yourself from the North).

    I had some questions:

    Does anyone know how to apply the Bamum Script to Swahili? Are there any references thereupon?

    And--simple question, but are the characters reversed, say in Arabic, when one writes from right to left or left to right?

    Finally, it was asked (by RAPTOR) how to make it learned amongst the masses, I figured a card game can facilitate the trick.

    As long as we remember to incorporate in card games the right to left function, we can do solitaire as well as make a new card game with 73 syllables (and words or sentences too.) I say this like it is easy because--as it were--card games do not need to be perfect. For instance, one can not win every hand of Solitaire.