Black People Politics : The auspicious timing of the scapegoating of Assata Shakur

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    May 6, 2013
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    When Angela Davis was scapegoated, back in the 60s there was a national groundswell of support for her from the collegiate Black community, and a general sentiment of something wrong in the grassroots community, however today, with no boycotts of Lil Wayne after the Emmet Till insult song, no boycotts of Pepsi and its products after the ebonic talking goat ad, or protests over the latest murder coverups in the south, the powers that be see a maleable community that, they feel will only associate this important activist, with Tupak, and pay no mind to the mad hunt for this sister! Dick Gregory made a statement, that JZ was sent to Cuba , and all the media was a coverup, as well as his rap rebuttal...kinda interesting that she is targeted there just a month after his return.