Black People Politics : The astonishing speed of Chinese censorship

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    The astonishing speed of Chinese censorship

    You have written something politically sensitive on one of China's "weibo" microblogging sites. So how much time passes before it gets deleted? And what does it reveal about how Chinese censors work? Computer scientists Jed Crandall and Dan Wallach explain the findings of a study they conducted.

    Deletions happen most heavily in the first hour after a post has been submitted. About 5% of deletions happened in the first eight minutes, and within 30 minutes almost 30% of the deletions had been made. Nearly 90% of deletions happen within the first 24 hours.

    There appears to be a keyword alert that highlights posts which should be considered for deletion (this is separate from the keyword filter that prevents some posts from appearing altogether)

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    The astonishing speed of Chinese censorship - BBC News

    Researchers Jed Crandall and Dan Wallach summarise their findings on the speed of Chinese censorship and set out their goals for further research.