Black People : The Asian and European Problem

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    Most recently there was a thread on this site pertaining to The Asians. In that thread some of us gave them some slack as if they were a step above or better than Europeans were as it regards our people. Chapter Two of Dr. Chancellor Williams work entitled "The Destruction of Black Civilization" should clarify any issues we may have in regards to them. In fact, it was Menes who battled against them in order to unify ancient Kemet. Prior to this point, the Caucasians and Asians were controlling upper Kemet. This may also account for why the people of Kemet hated the Asians more than any other group. Chapter two of his work also details how in the ancient times, the Asians and Europeans both used our mulatto brothers and sisters against us then just as they do now. I think that everyone needs to read that chapter for a clarity of our enemies both past and present.