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    ....There is fluidity and no contradiction (that must be "lived") when all orders are absorbed and taken from the ever-presence in "the most high". And to figure out "the servant", then dare as eye do dare for "you" to figure out God, which will take eons far beyond one full life-time. The code (already) is internal, and not to be internalized, which at very the sub-zero point in the abominations of imitation. The very one's who never, ever...figure out the ever-presence of, that unfolds from and forever lives within. And all for "free"; as freedom can be defined no other way but through the soul's purpose into the ever-presence of God. In other words.... The "arrival line", "the reward" and/or "the end" is not the way of God who so happens to be the doer of all. a constant poetic like motion that even "time" cannot "define" for one's mind that locks it into a box of illusion. And only a (even still) spiritually disconnected "mind" believes in such stunted non-existent things that aren't even real to begin with. Thus explaining the on-going internal conflict... The methodic "I AM" truly are sickening words for the (naturally gifted) power in one's child-like mind... Your soul mirroring mind; protect it like a naive vulnerable child that it is... You see...the way of the artist' way. Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.
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