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    The Artificial Black Woman And Man

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, to every Divine Intelligent Mind and in this Case, I have in mind Black people mind when I share with you here, that there should be no quarrel with the Divine fact that environment plays a telling role in shaping the Mind Spirit o,f in this case, Black people, meaning the woman and man of the Black Afrikan Race.

    So, when dealing with artificial we are indicating something that is pattern after the original, but in fact is not the original, may appear to be in pattern and form, but not in quality, because the material is artificial in quality and it is the natural quality of the material that cause it to be original in its appearance.

    So I ask, is the present Black Woman and man Original or Artificial today, and being artificial mean that somebody has made that which is artificial, using a pattern that is original to copy from.

    So, it is the Mind of the Black Woman and Man that is not the original Mind that is now being used by Black people of both genders, so the quality of mind now used by the Black Woman and Man is an artificial Mind, a mind which have the Black Woman and Man to reveal an artificial spirit of a Black Being, having that Being to become Human in appearance and Spirit. (Attitudinal Behavior

    Now, allow me to share with you why it is that I have concluded by my observation of the Black woman and man, that we are artificial Black people today, it is because the Mind Spirit that we reveal today by our expressed action, which is being done with an artificial mind, that have us to have become artificial in our Body Life Living As Black People Today.

    So, I will start with the Black Woman to prove that which I am sharing with you is the Divine Truth and the application of use has an effective affect upon both, the Black Woman and Man.

    You must come to be able to see that when something artificial is presented to you, there has been an original pattern used to copy from, because nothing appear out of a vacuum, being artificial, because all that is natural is original and it is the Divine Essence (GOD) that has presented all things naturally original to us, that consist of the Universe, and all of the Universe Parts are original, as produced by the Divine Essence.

    Now, why do I share with you that the Black Afrikan Woman is today an Artificial woman, well can you not see how the Black Afrikan Woman appear to you today and it is all because somebody has rewired the Brain of Black people to have us, Woman and Man, functioning with an artificial Mind?

    Here we are using the mind of our oppressors that now have us making false confession and acting just as our oppressors behave in life, the only different is that the oppressors are using their original mind to behave as they do, while Black people are using the oppressors mind to behave as we do today, causing the Black Woman and Man to be artificial in appearance, Mind, Spirit, and action.

    So, there is no wonder why it is that the Black Woman act and appear as artificial as the black Woman is today, and here I will inject the exception rule that will imply that all Black women are not included in this Factual charge against the Black Woman and Man, now that I have made that clear, let me get back to the Back Woman and her being artificial today.

    I center upon and I concentrate upon the Black Woman because she is the strength of the Black Race, made to have gone wayward in appearance and action, and as she Thinketh and act, so does the Black Nation appear to be today.

    Take for instance what the Black Woman praise most about her today, no, not her original Mind, it is her Hair, among other things about her that cause her to be artificial today.

    So I Bring the Hair up first because of all of the recent talk about Good and Bad Hair and such a classification is artificial when attacking the original, when it come to the Black Woman and Man hair.

    Though granted that the concentration is centered upon the Black Woman more so than the black Man because the black Man has become deceptive in hiding their rejection of their original Hair, and we do so by cutting it all off, so it will not be seen upon the head of the Black Man.

    Because You must come to see, the Black man went through the conspicuous artificial appearance with the Jerry curls and hair process to give his hair an artificial appearance using as the prime pattern to copy from, it being the oppressors Hair, which Black people have been conditioned to label to be Good hair and the Hair original upon the Black Afrikan Woman to be Bad hair if not hair that is coarse and straight, or straight and curly.

    So, when dealing with Good and Bad Hair, the concentration is upon the Black Woman And Man that is Identified as Afrikans, and with the Afrikans oppressors.

    You see, when you classify something as being Good in appearance as opposed to being Bad, what you have done is chosen a pattern to represent that which is in your mind is Good, and all things else that fall short of being of that pattern label Good, is classified to be bad.

    So, when you hear Black Women with their weave and straightening comb tell you that the use of those objects on their Hair is not to have their Hair to appear as our oppressors hair, they Lie.

    Because what the Black woman has done is to change in appearance their original Hair, which is label to be Bad Hair because it do not have the same appearance of our oppressors hair, and it is the oppressors Hair that has been conditioned in the Mind of Black people to be Good Hair.

    Therefore, any Hair that does not appear as the oppressors Hair is, well it is considered to be Bad hair, so the Black Woman set out to cause her Hair to appear to be Artificially Good Hair, while the Black Man go Bald before his Time to hide is original Hair.

    This apply to all Black People across the Black Spectrum, regardless of who you have became to be professionally or of anyothe class we have been made to be a part of in a evil capitalist system of social deveants of an evil World controlled by Licifer the oppressors and psychologist to the Black World.

    So in actuality, the Black Woman and Man has a thing about the category our hair appear in, when the category is Good and Bad.

    So, in anything held to be Bad, there must be something held to be Good to use to measure what is to be considered bad by, and in the case of Hair, it is the oppressors hair Black people consider to have Good Hair, this is a Divine Truth Only a Liar among Black people will attempt to deny.

    That is why Black People have been made to become the most hypocritical people when discussing the reason we do things today to our Black Body Life that have the world to know that we are totally ignorant of who we are today.

    So, the same apply with all of those other changes Black people cause upon ourselves to become different from the original about our Black Afrikan Selves, and it is all because of the environment that has played a part along with a psychological conditioning away from the original Mind of Black people, that now cause us to become self mutilating and self-destructive of ourselves, in appearance as well as physically.

    The Black man in all of his artificial macho-ism, as he goes around taking out his acquired spirit upon himself by participating in all of the Black on Black crime committed in all sorts of ways that give cause to show that the Black Man you see is artificial, been made to hate self and love what the oppressors have caused him to be, which is a hater of Freedom and a love of being oppressed,.

    Because you must be able to see, he does nothing to free the self of the Black Race from such life insults put upon him by the oppressors, he love to emulate the oppressors, when appearing to be Gangster Bad and with money, or trying to get money, not to free his Black behind, but to emulate the oppressors of Black people, artificial the Black man has become today.

    Thus, you have the artificial Black Woman And Man, in physical as well as in mental appearance today, and that is why Afrika is as it is today and the Black Nation a Divided Nation without shame nor with embarrassment.

    Because the artificial mind we Black people now carry, is an artificial mind that is patterned after the Mind of our oppressors, as Black Afrikans in Afrika running around claiming to be Arab rather that to be Black and Afrikan, not knowing that such a Black Being once carried a Divine Mind which caused us to be Divine Beings before the Time of our artificial mental and physical appearance, and artificial Mental Spirit is what reveal the quality of Mind that is Guiding the Body life Living of Black People today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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