Black Poetry : the art of relationship

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    by t-mas!

    My “Joy” asked, “What is it that you look for in a woman, and, what do you expect from her in a relationship”? It is easy for me to respond, “I am attracted to a woman who loves who she is, and continually seeks to be the best she can be. As far as my expectations of her are concerned, she needs to hold true to self, as well as our love and friendship.”

    I knew the answer was too general, but I did not think more information would be necessary, especially since I found the love and relationship we share, as friends, sets the standard. When I looked into her eyes and she in mine, I had the sweetest revelation. I have never thought it would be so easy to fall in love.

    “Joy” then asked me, “What is it that attracts you to me, and allows you to love me?” Conveniently, I respond, “I love you, just because you are you.” Again, I knew that was not enough, even though it put the most beautiful smile on her face and the brightest twinkle in her eyes. At that moment, I knew we would begin something that may strengthen, or weaken, our relationship. Our friendship is based on open, honest communication at all costs, so I am obligated to express my undying love and affection towards her.

    It is simply our friendship that attracts me to her. Our friendship derives from the unconditional love we share. So pure in its essence, it serves as the glue that holds us together. It is our LOVE that gives us friendship and provides our first impulse toward mutual affection. Every thing in our friendship is honest and spontaneous. It is not need, nor expectation, but the intense fascination with the virtues that make up each of our characters that brings us together. Because we are intrigued by virtue, we turn toward each other and grow closer and closer. The pure enjoyment of each other’s company and the rewards, derived from our virtuous relationship, affords us the opportunity to obtain the greatest advantages of our friendship.

    A friend is, simply, another self. Someone you can speak to as freely as to yourself, someone who will rejoice in your happiness as much as yourself, and someone wherever you turn is at your side, never untimely, nor in the way. The LOVE we possess for self is reciprocal of the LOVE we have for one another. Therefore, TRUTH remains paramount in our friendship/relationship. TRUTH provides an element of strength and durability that allows us to endure extreme circumstances, as well as, maintain a relationship that exceeds the overwhelming sensation of being in love. It is important we remember, time and experience makes us wise, and TRUTH makes our partnership strong; thus allowing LOVE and FRIENDSHIP to keep us together
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    *completely lost balance*

    this was beautiful!


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    not for the weak-minded...

    honesty, in its most brutal form, scares most of us away. because we are accustomed to lies and deception, we cower from TRUTH and ACCEPTANCE. once TIME and EXPERIENCE brings WISDOM enough to raise us up to your level, we will be better able to apply this ART OF RELATIONSHIP on a more intimate level.