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    Life is the most PERSONAL POSSESSION AFFORDED TO US, yet we allow others to define it for us, setting the guideline and paramenters for something so personal to you, without objection, developing so call Moral codes that limit your Life Freedom of expression, never to realize by those that relinquish their life to such regiments, that Life Is An Art, Meant To be Lived By Your Own Standards and that those standards are not to deviate from the Divine Standards reflected in Nature Universe, meaning that Life is to be lived and allowed to be lived without infringing upon the life of others, where such a behavior become unacceptable to the Life of others.

    Life And Death, two points on a limited spectrum that does not collide with each other but compliment each other, with one being inevitable to the other and in between there you have the opportunity of Living, making up the Trinity of The Being, who if Life is fully understood , have the Freedom of experiencing the Art Of Living.

    In Life there is one continuous Motion and that action travel infinitely into eternity, so there is no end to the dynamic of Motion, so Life only become a vehicle within the Action of Motion, headed within the spectrum of Life to Death, a point where the Two fades and evaporate into becoming once again, the inert Energy that dissolve into the Blissfulness of the Infinite Eternal Existence of the Perfect Night, the Massive Space that Hide the Divine Infinite Essence of all Things that Is and Is Not In The View Of Your Sense Of Perception, within the bosom of the Eternal Infinite Essence, which is referred to as GOD, which is without reason, motive or purpose, because IT IS The Sum Total Of All Such Principles Of Intelligent Attributes.

    Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors were the Masters of the Art Of Living and they knew the Meaning And Purpose Of What Life Is To Death, and they Lived their Life in Accordance to that Knowledge which they possessed, concerning God, Universe, And Self.

    The Black Life has long lost its Luster, we no longer remember its Meaning and Purpose, we have forgotten the Method that qualified us to Master The Art Of Living, because we have allowed others that are not of us, to convince us that they are of us and they have come into the Black Life and change our Way of Living, so we no longer Master the Art of Living, because we now Live our Life with and by others Life restraints, not realizing the Art of Living is to project and express a Life in Freedom, Peace and Joy, the life expression of its Divinity.

    The Black Life, now that it is unaware of whom we are, we now practice a Life way of Living that is in combat with Death, the inevitable, because one can not be without the other, yet we Black people now waste all of our Life Time, trying to avoid that which compliment Life, Death.

    The Human Being is not a student of Divine Living, so the Human Being has no respect for Life and teaches the Fear of Death, while in the mean Time, Life is inhibited from Living Freely And such is the contemporary so call Black Afrikan Life, inflicting Death out of the Fear of it, because you will find that those that cause Death to come to others, before its Natural Time, they themselves do not Desire to Die, so such a behavior become a contradiction in Action, concerning Life and Death.

    Life require the Art of Living that Life Freely, having no code of restraint that engulf you, so much so until you spend all of your Time in Life, trying to avoid Death, until you lose the experience of Living Freely, and after all of your searching of how to avoid Death, it end up finding you any way, and what you have lost during your Life Time, is being able to Master the Art Of Living.

    Many Black People, those of us that claim a particular way of Living, that is suppose to be more incline to our Divine Way of Living, we pretend, by attempting to fool ourselves about our Lufe way of living, when the fool is the one pretending to be what is not, and you learn to know such a pretending foolish person, when that person attempt to use the very same tactic in Life that the Human Being teaches about Life Living, a quality of Living that is not an Art, but is a contrived Habit, invoked by a litany of Do and Don't, such restraints have no place in the Art Of Living, that is the way of Religious Living, advised by the Human Being.

    Black Folks today spend a Life Time in trying to Live longer and not how to Live Freely and Joyfully, thus making ourselves to be an enemy to Death instead of a part and compliment to Death, and therein lies the problem of the Black Life Today, a prison of somebody else concept about Life, instead of being a Master of our own way of Living our Life in accordance to the Universal Nature of the Motion of Life, an experience that only take place on the physical realm and not on the ethereal Reality Dimension, the Esoteric Realm of Divine Reality, where only the Action of Eternal Infinite Existence confirm that which is Divinely Real, a Realm where Life is not permitted to go.

    We Black people now imprison our lives and force it to comply with all things irrational and illogical, accepting such a behavior that is shaped by the Mind of somebody other than our own glorified Divine Mind, which we once possessed a long, long, long Time ago, mastering the Art of Living, but not today, we only live our Life in defiance of Death, no longer Mentally qualified to know the relationship Death is to Life and Life is to Death, a knowledge required, before we can begin our journey back to the Mastering the Art Of Living, Today.

    Be Kind To Yourselves

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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