Chief Elder Osiris : THE ART OF DECEIT

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    White Folks Lie !!!

    Black So call afrikans Have Learned To Lie As Well !!!

    Here we are witnessing the most recent artistic display of deception in America Politics, because this Presidential political year reveal how the Art of deception, has Black Folks acting as if they have been injected with a serum that cause confusion, it being revealed by the way we Black Folks are taking the behavior of many White Voters as a sign that end an era of America Racism and to submit to such a sign that deceive even White Folks, not to mention Black People, we who has such a compelling Want to believe that in America there can be no more Injustice, as if our Suffering was no more than a Fad and Fashion.

    How Foolish and Pitiful we so call Black Afrikan Americans are, in these days and Time, a Day and Time that Demand that the so call Black Afrikan is to Divinely Think, that is, if the Black, not individual, but the Black World is to ever taste the sweet Nectar of Justice, Independence, Freedom, and the Sovereignty of Life again, on this Planet.

    Black Womb Gender ! Black Staff Gender !, there is a White Element that is used by the Prime Racist core that is of and in the World and that White element action does not serve as an accurate indicator that you should attempt to measure the sentiment and behavior of their action toward Black People by, they to are victims of their Ancestors acts of Racism, they which has taught their Children to be not Racist but Prejudice toward Black People, because you see, Racism is an inheritance and not an act of Social decision Making, oncerning such action of behavior.

    So what you are witnessing here in these Time of America Politics with a Mulatto masquerading around to be a Black man only, such is no more than an act of Deception, a Deception in that Obama has no control over the Racist Machine in the World, which Mean that Obama can not guarantee the Black so call Afrikan American, Justice in America, so if you are satisfied in playing the old Civil rights game all over again then go Pray and Vote for Obama, but that vote will not transform if Obama Win, into a Shield that will change the attitude and action shown by and against our Children in America, and it is our Children that are in Trouble in not only America but the World, yet we become deceived by the Candidacy of an Obama, as I verify to you that Obama is the candidate of Deceit and he knows it to be the Truth on the Physical Level of his political Action, he know that he can not deliver all he is promising to you and neither can any of the other candidates running for president, yet you believe what you Want to Believe without Thinking about what you believe.

    White Folks Fascination over Obama is Real and yet is Deceiving because it is the Duality of Obama Racial Identity that make him appealing to White folks and that appeal reveal the Prejudice those same White Folks would have if as I have said, if Obama was the Caricature of an Alan Keyes, not necessarily in attitude and behavior, but in every other phenotypical way.

    Racism is a Root that goes back Millenniums and there is no Social Political Apparatus that is capable of Silencing Racism in America and not even in the World and it is the Evil Virus of Unjustified Prejudice that is Spawned From Racism action of Deceit, so the Rank and File of White Folks do not practice Racism, such an evil reside on the Level where, in this Evil Economic System, Class is a Determining Factor of who will receive Justice and Who Will not and that decision is based upon Class and the Implementers of Racism reside amongst the Upper-Upper Class of White Folks, on that Level there reside only about Three to Four Hundred White, Jewish and Arabs Families, they decide who will be initiate into that Illuminati Family, the Creators of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, a Practice by the Descending White, and other Elements of the World Society, with Black folks being the Primary Target of both Elements of Evil and Deceiving Injustice in the World.

    The Divine Truth, the So Call Black Afrikan Every Where with a few Exceptions, Despise the Divine Truth.

    Racist are The Master Of The art of Deceit, so let us observe and Learn from the way this Obama and Hillary Saga play out, with the Prime Racist Element calling the Shots and not Society Vote.

    Beloved, I also urge you to pay strict attention to who it be that choose a White Woman over a Man closer to being Black than Hillary is not White and you be a Liar and an actor portraying a Deceiver if you Black folks make a Claim that you do not see the Racial Make up between Obama and Hillary and that such a Reality does not hold no sway on your decision Making in this Election, as you allow White folks decision on Obama to be the deciding factor that will determine whether or not you will vote for Obama, Hypocrites that you are.

    So based on our sojourn to and in America and the way the Children of the Middle Passage got here, it should not be a question whom you Black Folks should be Voting for, so I ask you to keep an Eye on your so call Black Leadership as to who they endorse in this Presidential election and / or whom they do or do not Endorse in these democratic Primaries, there you will have Founded the Hidden virus that Lurk in your Human Being Mind, causing the Cancer of Deceit and Dishonesty to control your attitude and Behavior toward Self and your own that Look as you do, yes this election should be about Race, have we not been abused for over Four Hundred Years because of our Race ?

    Even Black Folks have Mastered the Art Of Deceit, even when we know that it serve to our own detriment.

    What Foolish Self Hating People We black Folks have Become.

    Now, You can take It Or Leave it, It does Nothing To Degrade My Psychic, Because My Trust Is In Those That Guide Me, They being Our Ancient Divine First Way Black Ancestors.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    I think it shouldn't be in any black mind which way they will lean and vote
    the art of deceit is indeed alive and well , minds alike have been fooled to
    such belief , by no means will racism be bannished from the american society
    and no one man will change what whites had laid as i pure foundation against
    blacks .....As this whole political drama unfold we all need to watch closely and
    know our place and where our vote lay.

    Peace & Blessing