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    The art in math and science is for clarity into a learning mind, and no more than words...that completes a sentence into many for communication amongst neighboring minds. Only contrary to many beliefs in such, the actuality in math and "the display" that's broken into mathematical order through science are not the source in God. Nothing that merely describes can ever be the pre-existent in the source, but a mere extension of its ever-presence. The bottom line is, if you still do not know you, then what do you know of God? At very best you'll be trapped within the mechanics of math and science, and just as lifeless...within their truths that possess and possesses no life and merely describes the greatest phenomena that forever lives deeper from within. God makes zombies out of, and respects no "educated" fool, because "the graduation" only means that God remains an un-known, which is not even reality. As reality itself is sourced through no other way, despite the many extensions in life...that reveals the same one pre-existent truth in the internal of the source. That displays eternity within its ever-present self. In other words, worship nothing when God already is the all within all, only all at once. Co-exist instead and remain fluidly current through the doer of all, within the all that there actually is. There is nothing else to be displayed but a loop within one's disconnected "mind" that knows not of the doer of all in the source that forever lives deeper from within. All messages...are bridges that display the same one pre-existent truth, as math and science serves no other true purpose... Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.