Brother AACOOLDRE : The Arab Slave/Traffic Trade

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    In the 1820’s, approximately 20% percent of the population of countries such as Iran and Iraq were identifiable Black slaves. African blacks have been enslaved and sexually exploited by Arabs from the mid 700’s into the 21st century. In January 2004 The Washington Post printed a front –page story about modern-day Arab slave trading. Arabs were still kidnapping and selling young black girls and boys to be sexual objects for an average of 500 dollars apiece. For over a thousand years, Arabs have captured and shipped blacks out of Africa along three slave tracks-the Atlantic Ocean slave track, the Arab-red sea track and the Indian Ocean track. The Atlantic Ocean (originally the Ethiopian ocean) is erroneously referred to by many people as the middle passage. It just ain’t so. The true middle passage was the Arab slave route that ran directly up from sub-Saharan Africa into what is presently called the Middle East. That route was the most brutal and horrendous of all the routes and continues active in our present day. The Arab-red sea track and Indian Ocean track were feeder systems for the European slave trade in the western hemisphere and contributed to “colorizing” people in the far east and pacific area. Slave seekers within the two tracks went into the African continent and sought out black Africans based upon the market demands of European countries for size, strength, gender, and tribe. The institution of African enslavement was also based upon market demands and the perceived work capabilities of African blacks, who were sold into slavery to be field laborers, domestic servants, soldiers of war and harem guards for the wealthy.

    The Arab and Indian Ocean slave traders placed greater importance on sexual potential, such as youthful and physical attractiveness for both the female and males. Non-European slave traders wanted Africans in a ratio of two women for each man. They wanted sexually exotic Black females for domestic servants, harems and concubines. Arabs preferred black slaves from certain tribes for a variety of reasons that ranged from looks to temperament. Of all African females, Ethiopian women commanded the highest price for their exotic looks and sexual attractiveness. This was especially true for Ethiopian girls between the ages of 11-15 even into the 21st century.[The state of Israel allowed Ethiopian women to travel to their country only after sterilization. They soon stopped it and offered an olive branch by crowning the state of Israel with their first MS Israel. You can’t put syrup on do-do and call it pancakes?]

    In exercising privileges and power, Arab men were no different from white men in the Western world. They used black females as concubines while protecting their own women, especially from Black males. To protect their women from even casual contact with males, Arab culture imposed a strict code of conduct and dress on Arab women that eradicated their sexual attractiveness, made them sexually inaccessible and protected their virginity. Arabs routinely castrated enslaved black men to prevent sexual contact with Arab women. Arab slave owners castrated hundreds of thousands of Black men, turning them into eunuchs. Castrated Black males were then assigned to watch over and protect Arab females. So for 13 centuries of Arab Slave trade of 28 million Africans. 80% of the males were castrated from which 9 out of 10 bleed to death.

    A study conducted in Basra, Iraq, as late as the early 1900’s reported that there were as many as 40,000 black eunuchs present. Castrated black males could safely be assigned to Arab homes or to the military as day warriors and substitute sex partners. Wealthy Arab families would frequently assign Black slaves to their young sons at birth, thereby creating a master-partner relationship that required slaves to follow and protect the Arab sons until death.
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    Excellent post! However....

    It is correctly referenced because it speaks to the slave trade to the Americas.

    Thank you soooo much! More blacks have been enslaved by Arabs than Europeans! And the record bears that out.

    It is my understanding that the original peoples of the South Sea (Pacific) islands were black. The only people brought into that area were the Japanese, whose population now overwhelms many of the original descendants (most were killed off by genocidal whites).

    The "slave seekers" were ALL black Africans. Most African nationals freely admit that their ancestors were the ones who went into the interior to war upon weaker tribes and sell our ancestor POWS to Europeans who almost never left the coastal areas.
    And not just field laborers, etc. Europeans in the Americas "custom-ordered" the OCCUPATION of Africans they wanted to put into bondage. For instance, plantations that produced rice, put in orders for blacks from (I think) present-day Sierra Leone as they were already accomplished rice farmers. Again, I "think" it was the black soldier class from Ghana that were BANNED by plantation owners in the islands because they had a bad habit of rising up.... and inspiring other slaves to rise up with them! :lol: Still, it gives the lie to the bullcrap that our ancestors came here and had to be "taught" certain farmwork occupations.

    Kola Boof, Osama bin Laden's (unwilling) "sex slave" is proof of that!

    And yet, even draped head to toe in heavy, shapeless black burqas with only eye slits to see out of, they still get raped..... by Arab men. :10500:

    Again, excellent post. Learned some stuff, too. :)


    I checked out the African soldiers mentioned above. They were the Coromantee: African soldiers so indomitable Jamaican slavers passed law banning them as slaves.