Black People : The Apple Certainly Does Not Fall Far From The Tree...

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    No, it's not an undiscovered hieroglyph -- according to the BBC, a Chinese tourist recently left his mark on an Egyptian temple, scrawling "Ding Jinhao was here."

    A photo of the carving on the Temple of Luxor, later discovered by another Chinese visitor, soon began circulating online, and users of Sina Weibo -- a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter -- were quick to out the teenager offender who was visiting Egypt with his family at the time, Xinhua News Agency reports.
    The teen's parents have since apologized for the incident, Global Times notes, but widespread backlash online prompted China's Foreign Ministry to address the here for more details

    the actions of this asian youth is no different from that of the first Europeans who gazed upon this great African wonder of the world.

    All knowledge and wisdom about language and writing originated from the northeastern corner of the world...including chinese script.