Black People : the Anglo-American Chessboard Part 4

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    Some of the most manipulative games in the Power Elite Playbook are orchestrated mass migrations or depopulation of desirable strategic locations for the purpose of confiscation. These terrorist tactics are akin to Chess except people are the pawns. These satanic schemes are expertly employed to accomplish stealthy social, economic or political goals. Unsuspecting people "spontaneously" migrate for various reasons: economics, "natural" disasters (Katrina), warfare, enforced famine (decimate the buffalo/starve the indigenous population), terrorism and organized religious, ethnic, emotional and physical persecution. Those who are far-sighted and have adequate resources survive by escaping before they are included in the escalating body counts. Others, not so fortunate, yet who narrowly elude death, may receive prearranged "humanitarian assistance" and staged "opportunities" to resettle to specific places, like reservations, inner-city ghettos or other "choice locations."

    In a previous article I related how, just before the national election in 1956, the CIA used explosives, propagandized, physically and emotionally terrorized the citizens and then spent $100 million dollars to logistically move a suddenly-willing and frightened one million Catholics from North Viet Nam to South Viet Nam which was predominately Buddhist. The U.S. did this in order to alter election results, and to create religious, civil, and economic conflict. The CIA's deliberate, well-planned chaos-creating measures laid the foundation for further profit-producing warfare in an already war-weary country. The "order out of chaos" tactic has been successfully used to centralize power and control societies. Every action, no matter how it is deceptively labeled, is for the financial benefit of the insatiable Power Elite who, like vermin, extend their tentacles into every resource-rich country. These totalitarian tactics have always worked amazingly well but have been precisely perfected by the CIA (created in 1947 for that very purpose). It is supported by funds from illegal activities in addition to the filthy fiat money printed by

    The Power Elite Playbook, the Anglo-American Chessboard Part 4 | Deanna Spingola