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    One of the longest books removed from the government "authorized" Bibles, some references to Jasher were forgotten.

    For example: "Is not this written in the Book of Jasher?" Joshua 10:13; "Behold, it is written in the Book of Jasher." 2 Sam 1:18. Fascinating.

    How many of these books and manuscripts were denounced, banned, cursed, no doubt burned and shredded-and last but not least, lost (and conveniently forgotten) for a thousand years. But with an uncanny persistence, the Book of Jasher has found its way back into circulation.


    Jasher 72:

    20 And on the third day they came to fight at the side where the serpents were, but they could not approach there, for the serpents slew of them one hundred and seventy men, and they ceased fighting against Cush, and they besieged Cush for nine years, no person came out or in.

    Chapter 80

    19 And when the Egyptians hid themselves on account of the swarm of animals, they locked their doors after them, and God ordered the Sulanuth which was in the sea, to come up and go into Egypt.
    20 And she had long arms, ten cubits in length of the cubit of a man.
    21 And she went upon the roofs and uncovered the raftering and flooring and cut them, and stretched forth her arm into the house and removed the lock and the bolt, and opened the houses of Egypt.

    Chapter 69:

    5 Then Pharaoh commanded in those days that a proclamation should be issued throughout Egypt to the children of Israel, saying, No man shall diminish any thing of his daily labor.
    6 And the man who shall be found deficient in his labor which he performs daily, whether in mortar or in bricks, then his youngest son shall be put in their place.
    7 And the labor of Egypt strengthened upon the children of Israel in those days, and behold if one brick was deficient in any man's daily labor, the Egyptians look his youngest boy by force from his mother, and put him into the building in the place of the brick which his father had left wanting.
    8 And the men of Egypt did so to all the children of Israel day by day, all the days for a long period.

    Chapter 26:

    9 And in about seven months after the children struggled together within her, and it pained her greatly that she was wearied on account of them, and she said to all the women who were then in the land, Did such a thing happen to you as it has to me? and they said unto her, No.
    10 And she said unto them, Why am I alone in this amongst all the women that were upon earth? and she went to the land of Moriah to seek the Lord on account of this; and she went to Shem and Eber his son to make inquiries of them in this matter, and that they should seek the Lord in this thing respecting her.
    11 And she also asked Abraham to seek and inquire of the Lord about all that had befallen her.
    12 And they all inquired of the Lord concerning this matter, and they brought her word from the Lord and told her, Two children are in thy womb, and two nations shall rise from them; and one nation shall be stronger than the other, and the greater shall serve the younger.
    13 And when her days to be delivered were completed, she knelt down, and behold there were twins in her womb, as the Lord had spoken to her.
    14 And the first came out red all over like a hairy garment, and all the people of the land called his name Esau, saying, That this one was made complete from the womb.

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    The Book Of Gospel Of Barnabas Chapter One / One Of Many Books Remove --------

    Why Was The Gospel of Barnabas Among Other Books Re- move From The Bible , If The Scripture's Are From The Creator Of The Heaven's And The Earth . And Who Told The Man To Re- move Then And Why . What Were They Hideing From You ??????? Some Book That Was Re - Move From The Bible . The Book Of The Covenant Code ( Exodus 24 ; 7 )

    The Lost Book Of The Law ( 2Kings 22; 8 ) ...

    The Book Of The Wars Of The Sustainer ( Numbers 21 ; 14 )

    The Book Of Jasher ( The Prohet Joshua 10 ; 13 ) ...

    The Book Of Shemaiah ( 2Chronicles By Prophet Ezra 12 ; 15 )

    The Book Of Chronicles ( 2Kings 15 ; 15 , 1Kings 14; 19 )

    The Book Of Life ( Revelation 3 ; 5 , Philippians 4 ; 3 )

    The Book Of Samuel The Seer And Nathan The Prophet ( 1Chronicles 29 ; 29

    The Book Acts Of Soomon ( 2Chronicles 9 ; 29 ) ..

    Again I Ask Why Were These Books Remove From The Scripture If The Creator Put Them There , And What Were The Men Who Remove Them Trying To Hide ..

    Ques; If Yashua Was God As Some Christian Believe Why Would He Have To Read Out Of El's Holy Torah ( Luke 4 ; 15 - 24 ) . If He Wrote The Bible .

    Click here: AOL Search: Results for "Gospel Of Barnabas"
    The Book Of Gospel Of Barnabas That Was Remove By The Christian Theologian / Scholar / Authors , From El's Holy Torah , Along With Many Other's Books That Were Remove .
    In these last years , a virgin called Maryam, of the lineage of David , of the tribe of Judah , was visited by the angel Gabriel from God ,
    Book of Luke by Matthew 1 ; 27 ;...
    The virgin living in all holiness without offense or blame abided with prayer and fasting , One day as she was alone , the angel Gabriel entered her chamber saluted her and said , Father be with thee , O Mary .
    Book of Luke by Matthew 1; 27 ;.... Matthew 1 ; 23 ;..The virgin was frightened at the appearance of the angel , HowEver the angel comforted her and said , Fear not Mary , for thou hast found favor with God , He hasth chosen thee to be mother of an apostle whom , He will send to the people of Israel so , Book of Luke By Matthew 1 ; 29 - 30 ;...they may walk in His laws with truth of heart . The virgin answered , '' Nowhow shall I bring forth sons , as I have not known a man ? The angel answered , O Mary God who made man without a man is able to generate in thee what he wills for with Him nothing is impossible ;.... Book of Luke 1 ; 34 Mary answered , I know that God is Almighty , therefore , His will bedone The angel answered , Now be conceived in thee the apostle whom thou shall name , Yashua . Thou shalt keep him , ;.... Book of Luke 2 ; 21 ;.Book Of Matthew 1 ; 21 ;from intoxicants and from strong drinks and from every Unclean meat
    ( Pork ) because the child is a holy one of God , Mary prostrated herslfe with humility , saying '' Behold , the handmaid of God , be it done according to thy word The angel departed , and the virgin Glorified God saying , '' KnowO my soul the greatness of God , and exalt my spirit in God my Saviour , for He hath regananded the lowliness of His handmaiden so that I shall be called blessed by all the nations . He that is mighty hath made me great and blessed be his holy name Book of Luke by Matthew 1 ; 46 , 1; 49 , 1 ; 28 ;... For His mercy extends from generation to generation of those who fear Him . He hath made His hand mighty and He hath scattered the proud in the imagination of His heart . ( Book of Luke by Matthew 1 ; 50 - 51 ;.... He hath not put down the mighty from their seat , and hath exalted the humble , Him who hath been hungry hath , He filled with good things , and the rich He hath sent away empty Book of Luke by Matthew 1 ; 52 - 53 ) ;...For He keeps in Memory the promises Made To Abraham and to his son forever . ( Book of Luke 1 ; 54 - 55 )
    Chapter Two
    Mary having known the will of God , feared that the peoplewould take offense at her being great with childand stoneher as being guilty of fornication , Therefore , shepreferred a companion of her own lineage , a man by thename of Joseph of blameless life was chosen ; for he as a righteous man feared God and served him with fastings andprayers , living by the words of hishands , for hewas a carpenter , Such a man , the virgin knowing was chosen for her companion and she revealed to him the divine counsel . When Joseph , a righteous man perceived that Mary was great with child , he thought to put her away because he fear God. Behold , while he slept , he was rebuked by the angel of God , saying , O Joseph , why do you want to out Mary your wife away ? Know that WhatSoEver has been Wrought in her has all been doneby the will of God , Thevirgin Shall Bring Forth a son ( Book of Matthew 1 ; 20 ) ;.. whom you shall call by the name Yashua . You shall keep him from intoxicants and strong drinks and from every Unclean Meat ( Pork ) because from his mother's womb , he is a holy one of God . He isan apostle of Godwent unto thepeople of Israel so he may convert Judah to his heart , and Israel may walk in the law of the Sustainer , as it is written in thelaw of Mose . Heshall come with great power which shall be given unto him by God . He shall work great miracles , Whereby many shall be Saved Joseph arising from sleep gave thanks to God . And as he lived with Mary all of his life , he served God with all sincerity ( Book of Matthew 1 ; 24 )
    Chapter Three
    At that time, Herod reigned in Judea by the decree of Caesar August , and Pilate was governor in the priest - hood of Annas Caiaphas ( Book of Luke by Matthew 3 ; 1 - 2 ) ;... Wherefore , by decree of August , all of the world was enrolled . Wherefore each one went to his own county , and they presented themselves by their own tribes to be enrolled ( Book of Luke Matthew 2 ; 1, 3 ) .. Joseph departed accordingly from Nazareth , a city of Galilee , with hiswife Mary who was great with child. They went to Bethlehem ( for it was this city he being of the lineage of David ) in order that hemight be enrolled according to the decree of Caesar ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2 ; 4 - 5 ) ;.. When Joseph arrived at Bethlehem , a small city , in it a great multitude of strangers , he found no place , Whereforehe took lodging outside the city in a lodging made for a shepherd's shelter . While Joseph dwelled there , the days were fulfilled for Mary to bring forth .
    Book of Luke by Matthew 2 ; 6 ) ;... The virgin who was surrounded by an exceedingly bright light , brought forth her son . She carried him in her arms wrapped in swaddling - clothes . She laid him in themanger , because therewas no room inside the Inn . The came with gladness a great multitude of angels to the Inn blessings of God , and announcing peace to those who fear God .Mary and Joseph thanked God for the birth of Yashua , and with the greatest joy rurtured him . ( Book of Luke by Matthew2 ; 13 - 14 )
    Chapter Four
    At that time the shepherds were watching over their flock , as isthe custom ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2 ; 8 ) .. And behold they were surrounded by an exceedingly bright light , out of which appeared to them an angel , who bless God , The shepherds were filled with fear by reason of the sudden light and the appearance of theangel ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2 ; 9 ) . Whereupon the angel of the Sistainer comforted them , saying behold , I annaunce to you a great joy , for there is born in the the city of David a child who isan apostle of the Sustainer , who brings great Saluation to the house of Israel . The child Ye shall find in the manger , with his mother , who blesses God , ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2 ; 10 - 12 )
    And When he had said this, there came a great mulittude of angels blessing God , announcing peace to them that have good will . When the angels were departed the shepherds spoke among themselves . Saying . Let us go even unto Bethlehem and see the Word which God , by Hisangel has announced to us . ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2 ; 13 - 15 ).. Many shepherds came to Bethlehem seeking the new born babe . They foundoutside the city the child who was born according to the word of the angel lying in the manger . They therefore made obeisance to him , and gave to the mother that which ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2 ; 18 ) . they had . They announced to her what they had heard and seen . Mary thereforekept all these things in her heart , and Joseph likewise giving thanks to God . The shepherds returned to their flock , and announced to everyone how great a thing they had seen . ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2; 17 - 20 ) . And so the whole hill country of Judea Was Filled with fear . Every man lain up this word in hisheart saying '' What do we think this child shall be .
    Chapter Five .
    When the eight days were fulfilled according to the law of the Sustainer , as Written in the book of Moses , they took the child and carried him to the Temple to Circancise him . And so they circumcised the child and gave him the name Yashua , as the angel of the Sustainer had said before he was conceived in the womb , Mary and Joseph perceived that the child came from the Salvation And ruin of many ( Book of Luke Matthew 2 ; 21 )
    Wherefore they feared God . and kept the child with fear of God .
    Chapter 6
    During The reign of Herod , King of Judea , three magi in the parts of the east were observing the Stars of heaven When Yashua Was Born ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 1 ) .. At that time there appearred to them a star of great brightness . That moment they concluded among themselves they came to Judea guided by the star which went before them . Having arrived at Jerusalem they asked where was the King of Judah born . And when Herod heard this , he was frightened and all the city was troubled . Herod therefore called together the priests and the scribes , saying . Where should the Messiah be born ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 3 - 4 ) . They answered that he should be born in Bethlehem ; for thus it is written by the Prophet And thou Bethlehem , art not little among the princes of Juda , For out of thee shall come forth a leader who shall lead my people , Israel
    ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 5 - 6 ) . Herod accordingly called together the magi andasked them concerning their coming , They answered that they had seen a Star In The East , which had guided them there wherefore they wished with gifts to worship this new king ,manifested by his star .
    ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 7 ) Then said Herod '' Go to Bethlehem and Search out the child with all Diligence . And when Ye have found him , come and tell me , for I too shall come and worship him < And This He Spoke Deceityfully > .
    Chapter Seven
    The magi therefore departed out of Jerusalem , and Lo , the star which appeared to them in the East , went before them , Upon seeing the star , the magi were filled with gladness . And so having come to Bethlehem outside the city , they saw the star standing still above the Inn where Yashua was born ( Book of 2 ; 9 - 10 ) . The magi therefore went forth . And upon entering the dwelling , they found the childwith his mother . They then bent down making obeisauce to him , ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 11 ) And the magi presented unto him spices with silver and gold, recounting to the virgin all that they seen , Whereupon , while sleepy . they were warned by the angel not to return to Herod , So departing by another way
    They returned to their own home , announcing all that they had seen in Judea . ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 12 ) .
    Chapter Eight
    Herod , seeing that the magi did not return , believed himself mocked of them . Whereupon hewas determined to kill thechild that was born ..
    ( Book of Matter 2 ; 16 ) .. But behold , while Joseph was sleeping , there appeared to him the angel of the Sustainer , saying ; Arise quickly and take the child with his mother and go < Egypt > for Herod willeth to slay him . ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 13 ) . Joseph arose with great fear . Hetook Maryam with the child , and went into < Egypt > There they dwelled until the death of Herod , who believeing himself derided of the magi , sent hissolders to slay all the new- born children in Bethlehem ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 14 - 16 ) . The soldiers came and slew all the children there , as Herod had commanded them . The words of the prophet were fulfilled saying '' Lamentation and great weeping are there in Ramah ; Rachel . Lamented for her sons but consolation isnot given her becausethey are not . ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 17 - 18 )
    Chapter Nine
    When Herod was dead , behold the angel of the Sustainer appeared to Joseph in a dream saying '' Return in Judea for he is dead who wished the death of the child . , Joseph therefore took Maryan and the child ( who was seven years old ) to Judea . Hearing that Archelaus , son of
    ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 20 ) . Herod , was reigning in Judea , he went into Galilee , fearing to remain in Judea And they went to dwell at Nazareth . The child grew in grace and wisdom before God and before men . ( Book of Matthew 2 ; 22 - 23 ; 2;40 ) Yashua , having come to the age of twelve years , went up with Maryam and Joseph to Jerusalem , to worship there according to the law of the Sustainer written in the book of Moses .
    When their prayers were ended they departed and missed Yashua , Because they thought that he returned home with their kinsfolk ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2 ; 42 - 43 ) ... Maryam therefore returned with Joseph to Jerusalem , seeking Yashua amongst kinsfolk and neighbors , On the third day , they found the child in the temple , in the midst of the Doctors , Disputing with them about the law ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2; 45 - 46 )
    And everyone was amazed at his Question and answer , saying Howcan there be such doctrine in him seeing heis so small and has not learned to read ? Maryam reproved him , saying , Son What hast thou done to us ?
    ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2 ; 47 - 48 ) Behold , I and thy father have sought thee for three days , sorrowing . Yashua answered ; Know Ye not that theservice of God ought to come before father and mother ? ( Book of Luke by Matthew 2 ; 48 - 49 ) Yashua Then Went Down with his mother and Joseph to Nazareth andwas subject to them with humility and
    reverence ( Book of by Luke by Matthew 2 ; 51)
    Chapter Ten
    Yashua , having come to the age of thrirty years ( as he himself said to me ) went up to Mount Olives with his mother to gather olives . Then at midday as hewas praying when he came to these words; Sustainer with mercy he was surrounded by an exceedingly bright light and by an infinite multitude of angels , who were saying Blessed be God . The angel Gabriel presented to him as if it was a shining mirror , a book , which descended into the heart of Yashua , from it he had knowledge of what God had done and said , and what God willed . Everything was laid bare and open to him , as he said unto me '' Believe , Barnabas , that I know every prophet with every prophecy , andthat whatever I say , the whole hath come forth from that book . Yashua , having received this vision and knowing that he was apostle sent to the house of Israel , revealed all to Maryam his mother , telling her that he must suffer great persecution for the honour of God , and that he could not any longer abide with her to save her , Whereupon , having heard this Maryam answered '' Son , before you were born all was announced to me ; Wherefore blessed by the holy name of God , Yashua departed thereforethat day from hismother to attendto his apostolic office .
    Chapter Eleven
    Upon descending from the mountain to come into Jerusalm , Yashua met a leper who by divine inspiration knewYashua to be a prophet . therefore with tears he prayed to him , saying , Yashua thou son of David have mercy on me . Yashua , answered ; What do you brother , want me to do to you , The leper answered ; Lord , give me health , Yashua , reproved him , saying '' You are foolish , Pray to God who created thee , and He will give thee health , for I am a man , as you are . The leper answered ; I know that you , Master , are a man , but a holy one of the Sustainer . Wherefore pray to God , and He will give me health . Then Yashua , sighing , said ; Sustainer , God Almighty , For the love of the holy Prophet give health to this sick man , Then having said this , he said touching the sick man with his hands in the name of God , And when he had said this , the leprosy was cleansed from the flesh of the leper , to the degree that the flesh that remained was like that of a child . And when the leper saw that he was healed , he cried out with a loud voice , Come hither Israel to receive the prophet whom God Sends To You . Yashua prayerd to him saying , Brother , hold thy peace and say nothing , But the more he prayed to him , the more he cried out , saying '' Behold the prophet behold the holy one of God , Upon hearing these words , many that were leaving Jerusalem ran back . They then entered With Yashua into Jerusalem , recounting that which God through Yashua had done unto the leper
    Chapter Twelve
    The whole city of Jerusalem was moved by these words , For that reason , They all ran together to the temple to see Yashua , Who had entered therein to pray . They could not be contained there , for there was not enought room for all of them to fit inside the temple . Therefore the priest sought Yashua , saying , These people desire to see you and hear you , therefore ascend to the pinnacle . If God gives you a word speak it in the nameof the Sustainer . Then Yashua ascended to the place where the scribes used to speak . And having beckoned with the hand for silence , he opened his mouth saying , Blessed be the holy name of God . Who of his goodness and mercy willed to create his creatures that they might glorify him , Blessed be the holy name of God . It is he who created the splendour of all the saints and prophets before all things . He sent him for the sake of the salvation of the world , as was spoken by His servant David , , saying , Before Lucifer , in the brightness of the saints I Created thee . Blessed be the holy name of God . Who created the angels that they might serve him , And blessed be God , who punished and reprobated Satan and his followers , who would not give revernce to whom God willed to receive reverence . Blessed be the holy name of God who created man out of Black Mud of the Earth , and place him over His Works . Blessed be the holy name of God who drove man out of Paradise for having Disobeyed His Holy Command . Bledd be the hold name of God Who with mercy looked upon the tears of Adam and Eve , The First Parents Of The Human Race . Blessed be the holy name of God Who justly punished Cain The One Who killed his own brother , God sent the flood upon the Earth , burned up three wicked cities , caused great affliction upon . Egypt , overwhelmed Pharoah in the Red Sea , scattered the enemies of his people , chastised the Cover Of Truth and punished the ones not repentive . Blessed be the holy name of God , Who with mercy looked upon His creatures and therefore sent them His holy prophetsthat they might walk in truth and Righteousness before Him . He God delivered His servants from every evil , and gave them this land , as he promised to our father Abraham and to his son forever . Then by his servant Moses he gave us His Holy Law , that Satan should not deceive us ; and He exalted us above all other people . But brethren , what do we today that we be not pusished for our sins ? And then Yashua with greatest Whemence rebuked the people , for they had forgotten theword of God , and gave themselves only to vanity . He rebuked the priests for their negligence in God service , and for their worldly greed . He rebuked the scribes because they preached vain doctrine , and forsook the laws of God , He rebuked the soctors because they made the law of God of no effect through their traditions . And in such a way did Yashua speak to the people . All of them wept from the least to the greatest , crying mercy , and beseeching Yashua that hewould pray for them ; save only their priests and leaders , who on that day Conceived Hatred against Yashua for having thus spken against the priests scribes and doctors . And they meditated upon his death , but for fear of the people who had received him as a prophet of God , they spake no word . Yashua raised his hand to the Sustainer God and prayed , and the people weeping said , So be it , O Sustainer , so be it And when the prayer ended . Yashua , descended from the temple ; and that day he departed from Jerusalem , with many who followed him .
    Chapter Thirteen
    After some days had passed Yashua , in spirit perceived the desire of the priest and ascended the Mount of Olives To pray ( Book of Matthew 26 ; 59
    27 ; 1 ) And having passed the whole night in prayer , in themorning Yashua prayed saying '' O Sustainer , I know that the scribes hate me , and the priests are minded to kill me , Thy servant ; Therefore , Sustainer God , Almighty and Merciful , in mercy hear the prayers of the servant , and save me . from their snares ; for thou are my salvation , You know O Sustainer , that I your servant , seek thee alone , O Sustainer , I speak thy word , for thy word is truth which endures forever . ( Book of Matthew 26 ; 39 ) . When Yashua had spoken these words , behold there came to him the angel Gabriel , saying '' Fear not , O Yashua , for a thousand , thousand who dwell above the heaven guard thy garments . Thou shalt not die till everything be fulfilled and the world shall be near its end . Yashua fell with his faceto the ground , saying '' O Great Sustainer , God , how great is thy mercy upon me and what shall I Give Thee , Sustainer for all that thiu has granted me ? The angel Gabriel answered Arise , Yashua and remember Abraham , who was willing to make sacrifice to God of his only begotten son Isaac , to fulfill the word of God . Thus the knife was not able to cut his son ; at my word a sheep was offered as the sacrifice . Even so , Therefore shalt thou do O Yashua , servant of God . Yashua answered , I am willing But where shall I Find the lamb , as I have no money , and it is not lawful to steal it . Thereupon the angel Gabriel showed unto him a sheep which Yashua offered in sacrifice praising and blessing God , Who is glorious forever .
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    I know that not all "lost" books are actually lost. Some are falsely called lost, but never had a place in the doctrine, and some only carry the title of the true Scripture lost, while the text is forged by someone trying to spread lies.

    The faithful have a duty to search for the truth, and share what they can to whomever will have faith and true belief in their hearts and spirits towards the Most High and His Son. And we must keep on our toes recognizing even the slightest thing against the Father's Word, so that we don't accept the adversaries tricks into our hearts.

    Being on the lookout for ones brothers and sisters in the faith, they'll have the Son's salvation which which brought by His sacrifice, and His redemption confirmed in His resurrection from the dead. These are part of the rewards for the Holy and righteous, a great blessing from our merciful KING.

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