Black People : The AmeriKKKan Empire Is On Wobbly Legs

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    The AmeriKKKan Empire Is On Wobbly Legs

    “If we look forward and ask when will the American empire start to unravel, I would predict that our military is so strong, I don't really expect it to occur on military grounds, but I think we can expect an economic crisis in the not too distant future. The attempt to dominate the entire globe militarily is an extremely expensive proposition, and we are not in a very good position to do that compared to other empires. The British Empire, on the eve of the First World War, had trade surpluses in the neighborhood of 7 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). They were a rich country and could afford to do what they wanted to do, even make mistakes, like the Boer War in South Africa. The United States for the last 15 years has had trade deficits that are the largest ever recorded in economic history and today are running at around 5 percent of GDP. The buoyancy of our financial markets-since we save almost nothing in this country-depends almost entirely on capital imports from savings-oriented countries, particularly those in East Asia. Anytime these countries start concluding that the United States is not a safe place to invest or that there are alternatives, such as the emerging European Union, then the United States will find itself in extremely serious trouble with a howling deflation.”- Chalmers Johnson Author of Blowback

    The AmeriKKKan empire may be short-lived despite or more correctly because of the efforts of George W Bus to further its aims and objectives. For the past hundred years AmeriKKKan ruling elites have quietly gone about the business of creating an empire in their own image using upside down Bizarro World doublespeak to justify their actions. AmeriKKKa was born of European imperialism Spain, the Dutch, France and England all laid claim to parts of North America and instantly exported their cultures of war, rape, pillage and plunder to this hemisphere. Even after the Revolutionary War the Euro-AmeriKKKans schemed to conquer and expropriate the lands of the Native Americans. The Haitian Revolution helped AmeriKKKa amass huge chunks of land when Napoleon was forced to sell the Louisiana Territory to cover his debts from the futile attempts to keep Haiti. Imperialistic wars with Mexico and Spain helped AmeriKKKa gain additional contiguous territories in North America and possessions in the Caribbean and Pacific. Bolstered by their success beating up on weaker nations , AmeriKKKa entered into the Imperialist Club with her Western European kinsmen. In WW I and II AmeriKKKa escaped the wholesale carnage and domestic devastation her European brethren experienced and emerged as an even more powerful entity cultivating arrogant designs for global conquest and hegemony. Following WW II AmeriKKKa established military bases throughout Europe, in the Pacific and Asia under the pretext of remaining vigilant against the spread of Communism. The ruling elites worked hard to eliminate their competition forcing Russia to collapse under the weight of its own internal oppression and its overambitious geopolitical agenda, they tempted and wooed China into becoming an appendage to US global capitalism (they are now worried about the massive trade deficits and imbalances they have with China) The client state of Japan was created but Japan emerged as a potential economic threat as AmeriKKKa begins to unravel economically.
    If the AmeriKKKan Empire has an Achilles heel it appears to be its economic infrastructure. Militarily AmeriKKKa has no peers in terms of the development, deployment and use of Weapons of Mass Destruction. As demonic as the Europeans have been AmeriKKKa has taken their legacy of wanton genocide, massive social and ecological destruction and disruption to an even higher level. That is the supreme irony of George W. Bush using WMD as a ruse to invade Iraq. The United States is the only nation on earth that has unleashed nuclear weapons and advanced biological agents (HIV/AIDS, Ebola etc ) on the world! As advanced as it is militarily and materially it is AmeriKKKa’s hubris that will prove to be its undoing. No nation on the planet equals AmeriKKKa’s capacity for death and destruction. But as strong as AmeriKKKa is militarily its area of vulnerability is its values and motives. Bush’s policies are wrecking havoc economically, the huge budgetary and the escalating international trade deficits and the unrestrained arrogance of the ruling elites will be the precursors for the monstrous fall of AmeriKKKa. How long will the national leadership be able to sustain the red ink, the increasing debt service with its concomitant economic fallout and not have to answer to the masses? As brainwashed and comatose as Joe and Jane Sixpack are, even they know something is not right! People are working longer for stagnant wages, they are witnessing their standard of living ebbs and their sense of economic security wanes. In less than fifty years AmeriKKKa has gone from the world’s premiere creditor nation to its’ leading debtor nation! AmeriKKKa is sinking fast into the bottomless pit of deficit spending as the ruling elites gut the Welfare State to prop up an ever expanding Military/Industrial/Technological Police Sate/New World Order. Where people once practiced thrift and enjoyed savings they spend mindlessly and face mountains of debt. Sooner or later the system will crack. The only thing keeping the dyke from bursting now is the low interest rates. However the low returns on investment may prove to be AmeriKKKa’s undoing as foreign investors will see the US as an major investment risk instead of a sure thing and put their money elsewhere! The best laid plans of the New World Order cabal may come crashing down around their heads as Joe and Jane Sixpack wake up to what is being done to them and grow increasingly distrustful of the establishment leadership. The NWO boys were successful in driving the US Militia Movement underground but what will happen as more and more ordinary AmeriKKKans look at what happened in Spain and at the resistence movements in Iraq and Afghanistan and say, “If they can do it so can we.” As the body bags increase for US soldiers and their contract mercenaries, as economic conditions worsen and the lies become more blatant will the masses continue to go for the okey-doke? Will the Bush-Cheney-Ashcroft-Ridge team have the internment camps in place before the masses revolt? Unlike the Roman Empire that fell to the barbarians pressing its borders (these white folks’ immediate ancestors) , AmeriKKKa’s main enemies are at the helm of the ship of state.