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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    So tell me, how can you tell when a process that cause a difference has taken place, I mean on anything that was in its original Natural state, is it not a fact that a successful process used on the Matter exposed to the process of change, come to lose the appearance, shape, form, and nature of its originality, of its Naturalness, and become a Matter of Difference from what it originally was ?

    Well tell me, is it not a fact that your Afrikan Ancestors, those that eventually ended up in what is referred as America, in Chains and against their will, and didn't they fight and rebel against the process of Demonized Change, that which was to victimize them in such a way that many of them chose Death rather than to be Americanized, a method used to erase the base of their Afrikaninity ?

    Well then beloved, if our Afrikan Ancestors saw the need and wisdom to fight against a Horrible change that was coming upon them, from an effort by those Americans enforcers of our Ancestors Enslavement, then why is it that those Enslaved Ancestors children, have not the same fortitude and zeal as their Enslaved Parents to be Free from being Americanized, a Demonic Change that first take place within the Mind, and dare I say, there were untold Numbers of our Afrikan Ancestors, victims of an effort by others to Enslaved Them away from Afrika, that chose Death rather than to become Americanized, a Evil Change that represent the erasing of a People Mind, stealing their identity, no longer to speak theur mother Toungue, in this case, our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Mind, yet many of our Enslaved Ancestors escaped such a Mental Change and that is why you now have different category of so call Afrikans descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors in America.

    Ask any qualified psychiatrist about the power of Environment and can such an atmosphere be effective in having an affect upon the Psychic of a People that are exposed to a similar but different Environment and the answer would be yes, example, take the Afrikans that were constantly exposed to the slave Master in the Big House, not allowed to associate with those Afrikans that was assigned to the Fields and houses located in the field, there you have our Enslaved Ancestors being exposed to two different Demonic Changes, yet one atmosphere is less controlling than the other and is manifesting a different relationship among the two different Groups of Afrikans, they that have been separated away from each other.

    So, the children that come from the Afrikans that were confined to the Big House, was experiencing a Horrible mental change than from the children in the Field House was experiencing, and oftentimes the two clash, when exposed to each other for an appreciative amount of Time, so I guess the Reality here is that environment does Matter and it does has an affect upon its inhabitants and that is why you have Afrikans that have been willing participants in becoming Americanized and you have Afrikans that have fought against becoming Americanized, one group is known by their Americanized ambition to become willing addition to the American Melting Pot, while the other Group is not a Participant in being a part of such a social Soup, a Change that Demonize the identity of a segment of the children of our Enslaved Ancestors.

    So, that is why you have the Afrikan American Civil Rights assimilationist, they that are satisfied with being Americanized and then you have the segment of our Enslaved Ancestors that are staunched Black Nationalist, strongly oppose to the action of the Melting pot Theory, which say, Mix those children of the Middle Passage with us enough, and you will not have to be concerned with them talking all of that Black Power stuff and Reparation, and going back to Afrika, as a matter of fact, they are the Element that cause Trouble amongst their People and we must not ever allow the rank and File of their people hear what they have to tell them about us, we who enslaved and divided their Afrikan Ancestors in America, and it is the Afrikan, the victim of Americanization we can Trust, so say the American Human Beings, they who Enslaved Our Afrikan Ancestors.

    So, the Americanization of the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors, they that are willing participants of that process of change, they are they that constitute the off-sprang from the Afrikans we kept in the Big House and by being in close proximity to the slave master and by being in an environment that was working to change the Psychic of that element of Afrikan Enslavement, it did in fact create a division of Mind in those Afrikans in the big House, as oppose to those Afrikans that was relegated to the field House, so that there can not ever be a Commonality reached between the House Negro and the Field Black Afrikan and we Black Nationalist need to stop trying to build such an impossible alliance between the Black nationalist Separatist and the Afrikan Americanized Assimilationist, it will never work, meaning it will never happen, the Goal of Interest is to different and Far apart, meaning that we are dealing with two different quality of Mind in the Children Of The Middle Passage and it is the Big House Negro that serve to be the greater danger to the Black Nationalist Goal of Reparation, Repatriation, and Independent Statehood in Afrika, a Goal capable of being obtained.

    Therefore, only when the Minds of the Black Nationalist come to realize who we are as Black Divine Beings, Not Human Beings, but Divine Beings, endowed with a Spiritual Essence, capable of transcending any dependence upon the slave Master apparatus to save our Enslaved Ancestors Dignity, which come with the Justified Payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which require a Vision that can not be Looked at through the eyes of the Victims of Afrikan Americanization, but can only be Seen through the Divine Mind of the Children of our Divine First Way Ancestors, the Afrikans that stayed in the Field House away from the Slave Master Big House, two different environment, that which they were, meaning that we are dealing with two different Mind of Black folks, one Afrikan American Human Being Mind, and the other, a Black Divine Being Mind.

    Therefore, as long as the Black Nationalist Separatist, allow the Afrikan Americanization Negro, to take front and Center among our people, the Children Of The Middle Passage, in Lying and Deceiving our people, they who are victims of a Demonic Mental Change, the Black Nation will remain in a state of Mental Death and a Dead Mind of Afrikan Divinity is incapable of rising to the Mental Level that will develop a Hunger and Thirst for the Naturalness of our Ancient First Way Divine Black Ancestors Past, because it is the Past that open the Spatial Time into our Present, and it is the Two, that constitute our Divine Reality.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you


    Chief Elder
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