Black People : The American Dream,The Black Man Denied


Jul 2, 2003
I have looked to the idea that the so called american dream was a way to work hard and get what you wanted. A carrot if you will, I bought into it, as did my mother. It seemed like the way to go. I still look to make my children life's better. but as all you know, it was not meant for our people. Sure some can and have succieded in working their way up in this system. but at what exspence? I feel that because we needed to compete with others toward the goods, we have lost who we are. We have become a domesticated imitation of those who oppose us. In following a fake carrot, we have lost sight of what is more important. Us... We are what needs support, we are what needs enrichment. We are what needs empowering, our people. Yet we still look to them, for nearly every thing. I wish I could just get up and move away. but I'm stuck here for now.
In following a fake carrot, we have lost sight of what is more important. Us... We are what needs support, we are what needs enrichment. We are what needs empowering, our people.
Correct in so many respects. " We have become a domesticated imitation of those who oppose us. "


Jul 2, 2003
If you play their game comrade... and you don't need to take the small boxes consecutively... you can jump them like knights and rooks, and bishops and queens... only the pawns and kings are restricted.

I believe, that with the spirit the maker has given you... that you can adapt to any situation, bypass the roadblocks, and come out the other side before they realize you defeated them.
Very true... " I believe, that with the spirit the maker has given you... that you can adapt to any situation, bypass the roadblocks, and come out the other side before they realize you defeated them. "


Jul 2, 2003
Before Covid
All this talk of this land is not my cup of wanna be place. It was all consuming. Clouding and hypnotizing so many. Tricking the masses. Was overshadowed with the Final Four Basketball and Superbowl Wonder that citizens within the arenas of Rome cheered. Like the feeding of the lions. So many of all of us regardless of color. Fall into this world. When we shouldn't be taking so much of it in. The confusion exist on this illusion. Breathe. Look again. Clarity exist if only on an individual bases or in many cases collectively.
Playing field no longer exist. Create your path..
For out of chaos comes order.
Order Up.. Yourself reality


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Jan 14, 2005
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When all the immigrants came from Europe. They came because they wanted to get away from a horrible process of religious persecution. They came in groves and for other reasons too.

The American Dream.

That dream was told the world over. That you could come to this place, own slaves. It was said that you can become someone and have all you desire if you work hard, apply yourself and obey the laws.

The news spread that the Indians were defeated and the land was open for the taking by any Anglo- European.

The story as it was told is that this land was fertile, vast and had game. It was told. The land contained enough riches that could sustain a nation for ever. So all of the crooks, lemmings and dogs came over and took as they pleased.

They fought among themselves but over all they maintained the Negro to a status so that the American Dream couldn't be realized by them.

Those immigrants brought all of their knowledge, barley hops, grain, trades and fancy dress. But didn’t have the back–bone to build this nation.

So from the blood and on the backs of African Americans this nation grew.

The dream has been kept from the African American.

The hope has been denied that one day, we will live in a healthy environment. That we will be able to grow and prosper, without prejudice, and not be judged by those who we didn’t judge but served because they said that was the way it had to be.

I am so glad Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. I am so glad the south was so pig headed and ignored his request to return to the union.

Today I stand and look out over the skies and see endless possibilities for this earth and this nation if those who have now obtained their dream move out of the way, and stop blocking the progress of blacks in America from achieving some of the same.

I am certain we will obtain that dream, and that we can build and make a decent living. Finally and once again putting our back and effort into something that will benefit us. Americans don't understand us, but they will see the uniqueness of us and this I am afraid is their fear. Once done. Then they can call this a great nation.

All we want is that promise, that dream we know we were denied. A fair shake, equal justice.

Because if it ever came down to us taking what we truly deserve. It won't be much of a dream for many. Or for ourselves. So from this day on, each and everyone that reads this. Promise and dedicate yourself. Go out make a change for yourself. Get. A part of that dream. We helped their ancestors obtain.
WHICH WAY FORWARD in the 21st century?​

PEOPLE, wouldn’t it be truly GREAT if intelligence and education from the current status quo’s formal systematic mis-education machine’s schools, colleges and universities were one and the same, as opposed to often not even being tenuously connected?

How/why should we totally ignore the MADNESS that we are witnessing on the NEWS daily, even consider continuing to tolerate the so very murderous CHAOS these supposedly highly “EDUCATED” leaders like Donald CHUMP and the comparably mad Hilary Clinton generally, the totally baffled and confused Black NEGROBOTS leaders specifically who are still not functioning effectively with regard to the Humanity’s collective’s advancement, especially with regard to allowing the African HOLOCAUST of the last 500 years to continue to be WHAT IS in the 21st century?

Additionally, how does being highly educated as opposed to being pragmatically spiritually and intellectually agile/aware assist one with regard to KNOWING if your circumstances in LIFE equate to standing safely in the middle of the station platform as opposed to on or between the rails, as isn’t REALITY a very very fast oncoming train?

How many African countries are as adequately secured and industrialized as Iraq was under Saddam [their engineers rebuilt all of their own infrastructure without Western assistance after it was all obliterated in Gulf War I] along with one of the best equipped and trained army and air force in the region; or even Libya was under Gaddafi [Africa’s only welfare state with completely free education and healthcare for its citizens] whose HEROIC armed forces fought for 7 months without air support [no one would fight for Cameron/Clegg, Obama, Sarkozy of Berlusconi for 7 days in those circumstances] to protect their country?

Look at Iraq, Libya and Syria TODAY and don’t you have a very clear picture of the murderous CHAOS the LUCIFERIAN LUNATICS inc, Zionist Jews and their assorted BANKSTER cohorts and lackeys have planned for non-whites in general, the peoples of African ethnicity specifically because unless you’re a fully industrialized nation with the BIG STICK/nuclear weapons and a suitably efficient delivery system aren’t you just a VICTIM IN WAITING, who won’t have to wait long?

Worldwide doesn’t the crux of the problem always come down to wealth distribution [does anyone really expect the MEEK to inherit the Earth/when is that ever going to be alright with the REST of THEM], but whereas the underclass in the USA, UK, and Europe can at least get food to eat/support from adequate infrastructure, isn’t the so hellish poverty of the African masses in general [as underlined by their very desperate attempts to migrate to virtually anywhere else in the world], especially in very wealthy natural resource-rich countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, both Congos, Ivory Coast and Cameroon, a totally emasculating disgrace?

Though the situation has been worsened everywhere by the fact that the peasant’s/lower echelons/masses leverage through their labour has been totally undermined by advances in mechanized automation/computer technology; isn’t it STILL the responsibility of the leadership to stimulate/create both the industrial base and services necessary for sustainable growth/jobs as opposed to merely STEALING as much money as they can for themselves and their clique [the usual play in Africa, but doesn’t the behaviour of Shirley Porter, Philip Green, and the Grenfell Tower FIASCO highlight that they’re doing it here in the UK too]?

Now can any of you see why the civil wars/the CHAOS MACHINE template that has so very efficiently looted the Congo [for over 50 years] and various other resource-rich parts of Africa [that it has been exported to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen, whereas Iran their primary target is still being elusive] is more and more regularly being deployed [the ongoing Boko Haram kidnapping 200 girls FIASCO in Nigeria] along with more and more grief in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with even Brazil’s [openly RACIST Portuguese elite] aspiration/angling to join the BIG BOYS club through the World Cup and Olympics was on a knife-edge/tightrope, for a while as wasn’t the current POWER ELITE obviously considering shutting the door in their face, too?

PEOPLE, isn't this GRIEF, consistently corrupt mis-leadership a worldwide phenomenon; totally disastrous for the African Diaspora and African communities and countries aspiring to stop the ongoing African HOLOCAUST of over 500 years duration, continuing to be what IS, in the 21st century, whereas vi 2020 paradigm-shifting Corona virus PLANDEMIC haven't THEY placed all of humanity under house arrest, poised to totally enslave EVERYONE [10 times more efficiently than the irons used on our enslaved African ancestors and their siblings and comrades who were tortured, mutilated and murdered for either refusing to BOW/be BROKEN, or as the means of traumatizing the rest of us into total subservience] this time?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?
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