Black Education / Schools : The American Dream, "as it pertains to black americans."


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Jun 13, 2007
:script:In your own personal view, explain what exactly is this American dream? And how it affects the ability of black americans with passions for achieving this dream. How would you:out: describe [define] it today and what is the path to earn it? I am sure that at some point in all our lives we have heard this phrase used, etc. Perhaps back in the day, a high school diploma, college degree, was the true
The American Dream as originally concieved was a delusion to brainwash white people. We were irrelevant at the time. This was the 1920s when the term started to become popular.

It is like a carrot on the stick for the donkey to chase.

A funny thing about European culture is that double-entry accounting is 700 years old, invented in Italy. How many things about European culture are less than 700 years old that get promoted way more? Shakespeare, Beethoven, how old is ballet? But making accounting/finance mandatory in high schools since Sputnik might be a threat to the economic power game.

But planned obsolescence has only been a factor in the game since the 1920s. Is a new car part of the American Dream?

Ever heard an economist talk about what Americans lose on the depreciation of automobiles every year? It's half-a-century after the Moon landing. Do you really think redesigning automobiles every year makes sense? The American Dream is for suckers. The white suckers. So imitating them is a good idea?

Wikipedia says it is from 1931, but the Google Ngram viewer says the term started to appear in print in 1927. Before the stock market crash.

1927 was also the last year the Ford Model-T was manufactured.
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