Black Poetry : THE Alpha and The Omega Pledge Psalms Part 2


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
I felt my mothers pain as I flowed through her womb.
The seed of women, the chariot of love.
And I herd a loud voice the birth of a king.
The seed of the women, the scars upon her back.
The blood she wares in the palms of her hands.
I wept as Jesus, standing before the cross.
Oh thy God why have man forsaken me;
The black diamond of your love.
The mountain said to the seed humble within your heart,
Meditate before you speak, I will give you the mouth of wisdom,
All your adversaries shall not be able to pull your strength.

That woman shall witness in all the world unto nations,
and then shall the end come.
The seed of Women, the chosen of Gods black pearl.
Before all times thy God shall lay his hands upon you,
The sacred grounds of creations,
piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit.
Women shall rally for the coming of tradition,
Resurrection of man to come.
I sing the song of rebirth,
I as the bud of a flower,
I as the wings of a dove,
I as the sweet smell of the ocean,
the waters are ordained,
I the treasures of Gods dreams.
I the chosen of thy husband,
my jewels belong only to him.

I sit upon natures call, to deliver the son are child of God,
thy temple is the image of thy God, It shall not be tarnished,
I the holy grounds of thy Gods demands,
I the women of the Universe,
I the link to mankind,
I the treasures of the life line.
Thy womb shall not be tarnished
By the curse of un forgiveness.

My Chilean I release the in bible cord, you must now fly away from the nest, the warmth of the waters birth, shall no longer be the inner space, you must now stand with dignity, and complete the mission that the almighty whispered in your ear, you must stand up on your own, lean not on the beginning but completion of your mission,
There is no shelter that will continue to birth your inner thoughts, your assignment was given by the lord, My daughter upon this universe you shall carry the torch of womanhood, your journey began in the blood lines of your veins, there is no longer space within the womb, once you have entered earth, my assignment has been complete, their shall be no shelter to deprive your obligations, the women of strength.

Hymns of heaven.
I wake a fell of dark,
Life in love, the sweet smell of joy,
Dissolving emotions,
Upon the sky’s,
The harvest great smells of life.

I am he, whom thy seek,
Thou gravest love,
From thee, who gravest me.
Taste the scent of rebirth,
Ashes that fall upon my feet,

I sought the essence of peace,
the calm heart, ashes before the dark,
the thoughts that shivers,
among the ashes which we part,
the heavens open,
with the song of great thoughts,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
flashing storms below my feet,
the ashes removed by the wind,
majestic intensity, of now an then.

Fruits and liquids from the Garden.
Flowing through the Earth.
The rights of rebirth take place.
In sight my ancestral legacies
Wrapped in chocolate layer raw sugar.
Layered in my Ancestors Tree.

Nourishing the limbs of my family tree.
Maintaining words of God.
Harvesting the spirit of love.
Releasing the acts of faith.
Elevating motivating words of God.
Unifying man in love.
Bowing in honor of one God.
Symbolizing spoken words.
Prosperity in the Gardens of love.

Linking between the heavens and earth.
Incubation of life as it rejuvenating in
the waters of rebirth.
Purification of my family Tree.​

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