Black Short Stories : The Allegory of the School Presentation

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    The Allegory of the School Presentation​

    On a familiar visit, I learned that a cousin in high school was preparing her school presentation at the request of a disagreeable teacher. At my next visit, she told me of that presentation. The details were enlightening: She stood before the classroom, in the teacher’s manners; she presented a worthless topic, in the teacher’s manners; and though her friends were her audience, she reprimanded the student out of disrespect, in the teacher’s manners. By and by, she was a disagreeable teacher, just as her teacher was. This taught me that unless we as a people adopt our own customs, no amount of power will solve our problems: for we will necessarily adopt the customs of those with whom we disagree.​

    I write Allegories and Fables for my website. I had not updated the site for a while, so quickly put this one up. It, like my intended future ones, comes from my recent participation with the U.N.I.A. and A.C.L. (Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League.) There someone was from the A.A.P.R.P. (All-African People's Revolutionary Party) and having read some of their literature, I put up this story. It has to do with the idea that ideology needs to be challenged for African people to progress. Though I did not make it so obvious here. What are your opinions?

    Perhaps I should answer most of my posts with allegories and fables. :) Oh and poetry. B-)

    To wit, this thread comes from the utility of allegories in addressing other threads. So to speak, I had quoted the allegory in another thread, (Black Power: Former Anti-Apartheid activist buys entire McDonald's Operation) then decided to invent this one.

    Black Positive People : - Black Power: Former Anti-Apartheid activist buys entire Mcdonald's operation in S. Africa

    In March this year, American fast food giant McDonald’s (nyse: MCD) announced that it had sold off its South African operations to Cyril Ramaphosa, one...
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    "What are your opinions?"

    opinion of allegories or opinion of ideologies being challenged?

    i'll take the latter. i agree that ideologies must be challenged, yes. not necessarily to strike them down...but to maintain their worth to the people in question, thus, ensuring their progress (change) when ideologies are no longer worthy of maintaining. just as individuals must challenge their positions, daily, to ensure that they're where they want to be...and that they're well informed...which ensures their progress. standing still accomplishes you nothing.

    THANKS for sharing.