Brother AACOOLDRE : The Alleged FBI informant Mulana Karenga

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    Well enough of that business for now I will get back to it latter. Let me update you on my research on Maat (Justice). The internet is a big *** ocean of information. I learned that another dude by the name of Mulana Karenga wrote a 803 page Dissertation on the Egyptian Maat in 1996. He reduced it down to a book I’ve requested through the interlibrary loan program. I emailed Karenga at his college at California State University-Long Beach. On the face of it, through glancing through his table of contents on Amazon, it appears he’s just focusing MAAT with black people and Egypt. My work focuses on MAAT influence on the OT & NT with the Tree of life and Knowledge and the term “Lukewarm”. On the same day I bumped into his website I also listened to a Lecture from youtube from Judge Joe Brown, who had his own television show. The Honorable Judge Brown said that Karenga was an FBI informant that got one of his personal friends killed. From the Norton Anthology of African-American Lit I discovered that Karenga served as an executive committee member and author of the mission statement of the Million Man March in 1995. The FBI & CIA were involved in killing Martin L King and the Kennedy brothers and they are direct opposition to the principles of Maat (justice). So any FBI informant would by default be a participant in this injustice. With this ammunition I can use against any critics who try to oppose my research on Maat by saying or encouraging people to read Karenga’s works and ignore mine. I think this was one of the games they were trying to brew up. Karenga writing a book on Maat is like the Devil trying to write a book on Love. I tell you Rea, it pays to be in the know. Having experience I’ve learned that knowledge of evil is necessary as a shadow to light. We must be wise as serpents to avoid getting hit upside the head from the rocks they all crawl and live under.

    if you start from minutes 21-23 you can hear Judge Joe Brown accuse Karenga of being an FBI agent