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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief elder Osiris

Half Truth Has No Respectable Standing In the Presence Of The Whole Truth, Thus causing the Half Truth To be Of No Value, Having No Divine Meaning, And Is Absent Of Respect. ( osiris )

Here again is the so call Black Afrikan problem, the Afrikan is in a mental state of Self denial about how Life is to be Lived and the Afrikan is now conditioned not to want to see ourselves as we Divinely are not, so when the Divine Truth come to serve as a Mirror reflector of the so call Black Afrikan brand New Self, the New Afrikan can not stand up and accept that Truth, because it is so Compelling Self condemning, so the brand New Afrikan goes into a psychological practice of Intellectual ignorance and applied Silence, in hope that such a description of our Brand New Self would just go away and leave the Brand New Afrikan to believe as we have been conditioned to believe about life, which is that, Life is suppose to be as the so call Black Afrikan now find our Life to be in this Evil World.

So any Afrikan that take on such a belief about our life rank and status in the world today, is an Afrikan that do not and can not display an Intellectual Prowess about our so call Black Afrikan Selves, so what we do, we now pretend that all is well with us and the way our Life has been conditioned to be, and that Life was never to be any different than what our life condition is in today.

So when in such an intellectual Stupor that have been caused us to be, so that the so call Black Afrikan is to have a want to believe that Life was never meant to be Easy to Live and experience the Joy it can bring to Life, if only Life would Live in a Divine state of Natural Reality and Truth.

The Present day so call Afrikan, we whose Mind has a problem with our Spirit being accurately described, and when it is, the so call Black Afrikan express a posture which Lack Intellectual Prowess and call it to be an act of display, of intellectual demonstration of a Mind in captivity and have been conditioned to believe that the Afrikan in such a Psychotic state about ourselves, are really doing ourselves a favor by acting so uninformed about our Black so call Afrikan Selves.

There is no so call Black Afrikan with Intellectual Prowess that will take issue with the way we now perform in Life and we take that performance to be the performance of the Norm, in according to the way Nature has designated us to Live our Lives, which is most certainly not the way the so call Black Afrikan is performing today in our lives, a Life way of living that is Naturally abnormal and is under the dictate of other than our own Life self determine Action.

When a People who once Knew and Understood the Meaning and Purpose of Life, now make claim that Life is meant to Suffer and be in competition with other Life, as our Life has been so calibrated to abnormally be today, which is profane and not Divine any more, then know beloved, the present so call Black Afrikan life Function no more in our Divine Life Domain, which cause the Black so call Afrikan to dislike being Mirrored Divinely Truthfully, which reveal to the so call Black Afrikan of today, that there is a lack of intellectual prowess about the way we have been dictated to live our Lives and be appreciative about our present Life state of condition in the world today, but not this Divine Being, one who has decided to defy the present day status of the Life of Black People and confront it, not as I want it to be, but the way it has been caused to be, which is in a state of intellectual self disrespecting Denial, by the so call present day Black Afrikan.

Any Present day so call Black Afrikan who can not See the Wrong our Lives have been made to be and we now accept that contrived physical Reality to be as the Brand New Afrikan now claiming God has Meant for it to be, then such a Mental expressed Display, reveal the Lack of Intellectual Prowess of the present so call Black Afrikan, the believer that Life is meant to be as we say, " HARD, " how foolish a People we Black so call Afrikans have been made to be, so much so until we Marvel in our present state of Life that now cause us to believe that we are to be thankful for the way our Life is today and compete for our Life to become better and to advance in a System of Life that the so call Black Afrikan has played no part in constructing, but is proud to be able to unjustly compete in it, and you call that to be a people that are psychological stable ? when the Black World collectively is crumbling all around our black Behind and you so call Afrikans have the audacity to snub your disgraceful Nose at the Divine Truth that accurately describe your Brand New Spirit, to you so call Afrikans, and I am to be offended by you ?

No, No, Beloved, the Brand New Afrikan can not Intelligently with Prowess defend our present Life performance when the present state of Afrika is there starring us in the face letting us to know that if we pretend that Black so call Afrikans have never had it so good, then we be telling and representing the most Profane Lie and act of Deception ever, by the Brand New so call Afrikan, we who are now satisfied in our present state of Life condition and now is calling it our normal state of Life Being.

The Black World will never Rise again wearing the Human Being Mind and believing in the Human Being God, which teach you that it is religious to suffer in Life and that Life is in need of a pecking disorder, so the weak can be able to rule the strong, Can you Understand that ?

Be Kind to Your Selves Beloved


Chief Elder


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