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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, among the Afrikan American, you who are full of words potential, very skillful in mastering the White Man Language and you take so much pride in being able to do so, but yes, the one thing we have not Mastered, is putting our Words into an Action that will match our Claim of being so prepared to obtain our Respect and Dignity, which will only come, when we so call Afrikan Americans, are in the Know of whom we are and the evidence of such Knowledge has re-entered our Mind, only then is when Afrika is Afrikan Again and the So call Afrikan Nation is re-united again, anything Less than that accomplishment, by the so call Black Afrikan, is no more than an Afrikan testimony of Words about Justice, while the deeds of such an Action, is no where to be Founded to support such words that come from to so call intelligent aware Afrikan.

    There is no shortage of Afrikans out claiming how Militantly determined weare to be in demanding our respect and we Afrikan American who claim to have a dire Thirst for Equal Rights and Justice for our so call Black Afrikan Lives, yet there be only words and no action to make it so.

    Yes, the so call Afrikans know all of the words to use to describe our Wants, but the reality that verify that the so call Afrikan American is no more than an expert in the use of empty words, happen to be the reality of our status and Position in America today, and our Present condition did not just come to be our Life Misery just now.

    We have been occupying the present position we now find ourselves in America, for over Four Hundred Years and we have been using all of the so call Black Afrikan Talk about what we stand for in America and we been doing so for the same length of Time of our stay in America, yet here we are today, even in America, Black So call Afrikans full of Illusion about our present status of progress and is delusional about our status and our influence in America, yet we proudly wear the Ego that prevent us from admitting we have been conditioned to ignore all Divine truth that come before us, that which precisely describe the Black so call Life in America today, a life which serve as an example of the Spirit of Ignorance that Most Black so call Afrikans wear today and pretend about our selves and our status and condition today, not just in America, but in Afrika, and the World in general, wherever we Black so call Afrikans are, today, such is our Modus Operandi today..

    So what the so call Black Afrikan Does to falsify our True Status in America, which reflect the same caliber of spirit we display in Afrika and the outer world, we end us reducing ourselves to the status of Individuality, a plurality of individual Wants and Desires, faking on an individual level that the Afrikan America is really experiencing progress, not Freedom, not Liberation, not Justice, but just a better position than our Neighbor is experiencing and that is how the so call Afrikan American now measure the so call Black Afrikan Life worth today and you tell me that is not the so call Afrikan Life drowned in Ignorance ?

    Our Solar system display a Spirit that is United and all of its objects behave not as individual Planets going out on their own individual venture in the Universe, no, each Planet knows that each is Binded one to the other with the titular Head being that Sun-Star that attract and keep each on its assigned Plane of Travel but each is headed to the same destination as one singularity of action, then so must it be of the so call Black Afrikan people, that is if we desire to experience again the Divinity of Life as our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ancient First Way Ancestors did Live, so why not their Children of the same DNA Phenotype ?

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    The Life of the so call Black Afrikan is in serious trouble, any so call Afrikan worth your DNA, should be able to detect such Energy of Revelation, that is if your energy Shakas are open to receive the Divine Energetic Information that is present and flowing within, but in order to experience what is required of you so call Afrikan Americans, so that you may operate with a Divine Mind of open Revelation, and not Closed Ignorance, a mental action that influence Life that is guided by ignorance, which guide us to believe that all is well with the so call Black Afrikan American Human Being, such ignorance never allowing the so call Black Afrikan to acknowledge whom we Divinely Are, acting as if the classification, Human Being, dropped out from the Mouth of God from some remote place in Space Heaven, and you tell me that is the sign of a Well Reasoned and Thinking so call Black Afrikan Being, who is Of Divine Decent ?

    The Afrikan American love to serve each other with words of strong commitment and dedication to the rise of a Life in Misery, yet there have yet to be produced the Deeds to verify such a claim, making such a claim to be no more than empty words, regardless out of whose Mouth they Flow, because the last time I Saw the so call Black Afrikan Life, it was steeped under the influence of the people that caused our Fall from our Divine Life state of being, a level of height that the so call Mouthing Afrikan can not imagine we ever had occupied, as we love to claim that we so call Afrikans were the First Here on this Planet, which can imply that the Divine First Way Ancestors came to this Planet bringing both Good and Evil and if you Afrikans buy into such a belief, it prove how strong of Influence, Ignorance has over our Selves, having a hold of our Mind, which cause us to now be people more of Words than of Deeds and have become Comfortable in our discomfort.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Beloved,Not do you agree with That, but do you Know and understand that, which require that you use your Divine Mind to Reason Logically for your Life and not to believe faithfully for your Life, that is the present status of you Mind today, which prove it is not a Mind action that protect your Life, but have you to surrender your Life, and all that is connected to it, which is why, Afrika is no longer Afrikia today and the Afrikan People have been split asunder into sub Tribal Lfe activities, which is proving that is not a Divine Required Classified Spirit for a People whose Life once was Lived in an action of Harmony, Order, and Balance, complimenting the Action of the Universe, of which we have a direct relationship to.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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