Chief Elder Osiris : The Afrika Garvey Black Nationalist And The Afrikan Cultural Black Nationalist

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    The Afrika Garvey Black Nationalist And The Afrikan Cultural Black Nationalist

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    In Life when one is serious about the life living condition of the Ethnic Race you belong to and is of the same phenotype body make up of that Racial Ethnic group, then if you carry any sign of self respect and dignity, you will not allow anything to compromise your Body Life from living Freely and since there is a particular Racial Ethnic group that has been made to be familiar with living a life without freedom and Justice, and Independence, the three life principles when absent from your Body life living, is a verification that such a Race Ethnicity that is living in captivity and in such an environment where Freedom, Justice, and independence is absent in the Body life living of such a Race of people, and in this case, the people happen to be Black and Afrikan, then you have the making of a docile and complacent people.

    Now, Black people every since our last Fall from our Divine Mind, have been living a life on the defensive against all sorts of oppressive Spirits that have acted against Black people and because of such a long Time in oppressive captivity, the Mind of Black people have been under constant attack, having Black people to lose all knowledge of the Black self, and without such needed knowledge of Self, such ignorance place the Mind that now guide Black people in a compromising position when the issue is freedom and is over the way Black people been forced to live the Body Life that is no longer under the control of the Body that live it today.

    My sharing here, concerning the claim by Black people to be Black Nationalist, is today you have different category of so call Black Nationalist, some Black people having made up their own meaning of Black Nationalism, when in fact there is only One Natural Meaning for Black Nationalism, which when Black people make such a claim to be Black Nationalist, if serious about the Nationalism being made claim of, then such Black Nationalism must be in Reference to the Land of Afrika, because Nationalism refer to Land authority and control of and for the specific use by the people making claim to be Black Nationalist.

    So Negroes making claim to be Black Nationalist in America, and is not a Garvey Black Nationalist, you make such a claim which is only ceremonial and is not Land based, because in America where the Black Afrikan first served as Enslaved Chattel, there is no Divine Truth in the claim by so call Black Nationalist Americans, to have ownership, Authority, and control of Land in America Diaspora, the only thing that sanctify your claim to be a Black Nationalist, is authority and control of the Land.

    In America United States, you have what is called cultural and Tradition Black Nationalist, it meaning is no where close to the meaning of Black Nationalism Garvey style, so the Cultural Traditional Black American Black Nationalist, is satisfied in representing the fad and fashion of our Afrikan Ancestors and not beholding to the Land of our Black Afrikan Ancestors, in other word, the Cultural Traditional Black Nationalist has no Spiritual connection to the Land nor to the People of and in Afrika and a cultural traditional Black Nationalist is only interested in being an imitation of Afrikan People ceremonial customs of practice, regardless of what dispensation of Time in our captivity,, which make it a profane cultural ceremony of customs, as Black Nationalism is being faked by the Black American making claim to be Black Nationalist and having no Spiritual connection to the Land of Afrika.

    The Cultural Traditional Black Nationalist having no respect nor interest for the Land Afrika, and with such a bogus interest, then Freedom is not the goal of the cultural traditional Black Nationalist in America, therefore, such a faking to be a Black Nationalist is what compel the Garvey Black Nationalist to uncover the faking claim of those Black Americans making claim to be Black Nationalist, when Nationalism is about the authority and control over Land.

    So the only Land on this Earth that stand to become again realistically under the authority and control of Black Afrikan People, is in Afrika!!!

    That is the only the reason why The Honorable Marcus Garvey said with very certain definite term, that, "Afrika Is For The Afrikans," and all claiming to be Black Nationalist, if you can not adhere to such a Divine Afrika proclamation, then Freedom for the Black Afrikan Nation is not of interest to you who are only Cultural Traditional Black Nationalist pretenders.

    The Divine Truth, Black People, some of us, we are not interested in submitting to the Divine truth, just in the form and fashion that does not require an offensive action to regain Black people Freedom, which will only be realized to become a reality only in Afrika and you can take this Divine Truth or you can Leave it as it Is, so that is why we must return to Afrika.

    So yes, there is past due a need for a Gathering of True Black Nationalist Elders, they who have been through the Sixties rebellion, which have us to know that the sixties uprising of Black people were not about Black people Freedom, just about advancing to nowhere, progress withot exodus, betterment without respect, and civil rights without Freedom.

    So it goes to show that those principles we held as a goal in the sixties, were not the principles qualified to cause Black people to enjoy Freedom and Justice in our Black lives, and we will not have such a life experience as long as we remain ignorant to that sacred issue, Reparation, the Ark of Black Folks Salvation, in Afrika and out of Afrika, with those Black people out of Afrika needing to know it is in the Truest act of Black Nationalism will the Black Nation ever experience Freedom, Independence, and Justice for the Divine Black Beings upon this Planet Earth.

    Therefore, in reference to this I have just shared with you Black people, I am in support of the call for a Black Nationalist Elders Conference, Even though I may not be able to make it, because I am taking care of my Brother and Friend who has Brain Cancer, but if a way is made for me, I will make every attempt to be at that much needed Black Nationalist Elders Conference, which I see in My Vision can blossom into the Most powerful Black Nationalist Elders Movement since the Movement of my Spiritual Leader and Father, The Honorable Marcus Garvey.

    So Up You Mighty Black Nationalist Elders, You Can Accomplish What You Will, As The Black World Will Become your Shield Of Protection in What Ever You Choose To Pursue that is Relative To the Black World Freedom.

    Divine Love To The Black So Call Afrikan World, Where All Power Reside, And Lucifer World Tremble At The Thought Of Black People Mind Become Awake To That Natural Fact, Concerning Black People.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]