Black Spirituality Religion : The African Concept of God

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    The African Concept of God

    One of the things that has most crippled a true understanding of African religion is the projection of the Africanist's misunderstandings of African belief upon the rest of the world as a universal understanding to be taken as a standard of measurement for all things deemed true or false about things African and African people in general. What then is the Africanist? The esteemed elder, and the very author of the Africentric ideology, Dr. Molefe Kete Asante basically defines the Africanist as one that is not Africentric or African-centered but Eurocentric in their approach when studying Africa, her people, and philosophies. The damage of this approach magnifies when we look at the fact that many of our own Black professors, educators, and religious leaders ape this approach only helping to further distort and dismantle their own cultural-spiritual heritage.

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