Africa : The African Brain Drain

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    Keynote speech by Philip Emeagwali at the Pan African Conference on Brain Drain, Elsah, Illinois on October 24, 2003.

    "Ten million Africans now constitute an invisible nation that resides outside Africa. Although invisible, it is a nation as populous as Angola, Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe. If it were to be a nation with distinct borders, it would have an income roughly equivalent to Africa's gross domestic product.

    Although the African Union does not recognize the African Diaspora as a nation, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) acknowledges its economic importance. The IMF estimates the African Diaspora now constitutes the biggest group of foreign investors in Africa. "

    "A few years ago, Zambia had 1,600 medical doctors. Today, Zambia has only 400 medical doctors. Kenya retains only 10% of the nurses and doctors trained there. A similar story is told from South Africa to Ghana.

    I also speak from my family experiences. After contributing 25 years to Nigerian society as a nurse, my father retired on a $25-per-month pension.

    By comparison, my four sisters each earn $25 per hour as nurses in the United States. If my father had had the opportunity my sisters did, he certainly would have immigrated to the United States as a young nurse."

    "At this point, I want to inject a new idea into this dialogue. For my idea to work, it requires that we tap the talents and skills of the African Diaspora. It requires that we create one million high-tech jobs in Africa. It requires that we move one million high-tech jobs from the United States to Africa.

    I know you are wondering: How can we move one million jobs from the United States to Africa?

    It can be done. In fact, by the year 2015 the U.S. Department of Labor expects to lose an estimated 3.3 million call center jobs to developing nations."

    "The fourth question was: Should we blame the African Diaspora for Africa's problems?

    Yes, the Diaspora should be blamed in part, because the absence it's created has diminished the continent's intellectual capital and thus created the vacuum enabling dictators and corruption to flourish. "
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    from my perspective, a small piece of that "brain drain" might be that it seems that the only Diasporans requested/required/considered must participate in this environment destroying capitalistic system. "we don't need no broke african americans, we got plenty of broke Africans already!"

    catch22, eh? in order for me to not be broke, i'd have to give enough of this tech knowledge i have to some nonAfrican to make enough money to enable me to get to the only place i intend to give any of it ...

    <shrug> but i guess that that is the way that somebody wants it, eh? (oh, and the other "problem" is is that i WILL NOT advocate/support the biggest security breach this planet has: the win32 platform ... but lots of people that have no more clue about this tech that what is "taught" to them (which ain't much cuz if anybody teaches them stuff they'll get too bright to waste any more money on it and the companies will go out of business so more bling-blingflash-flash to convince the sheeple to keep buying^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hleasing these sanctioned backdoor trojan virii masquerading as the "latest and greatest".))

    oops. sorry. do i sound like i am really quite sick of the idiocity in this country on all sides of the color line? maybe it has something to do with a Black woman stealing 50 years of Black Family created by another Black woman ... talk about black on black crime!! and it basically has me stone cold crazy to experience this rape of my Mother's efforts!!

    Africa; here is serious brain for You that ain't gonna be applied to nothing in this god forsaken space!

    hell, i'll go and do the work for the sake of doing it - just get me there!! i'm a native of this planet; there is enough food growable, there is water falling out of the sky, there are enough materials growing to build whatever shelter i need, there are plenty of ways to generate power .... me, my gear and two three pallets of so called obsolete/legacy/dumpster/landfill tech and i'll take a bunch of African children from "what?" to "wowzers!!" but i ain't doing it in this d4mned fool country!