Black Poetry : the advice is wild for my lifestyle like a puppy dogs ears droop pathetic cutes lead to energetic pu


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May 11, 2006
the advice is wild for my lifestyle like a puppy dogs ears droop
pathetic cutes lead to energetic pursuits for some sex oops!
managed a farm that was damaged by a storm every morning
ate LUCKY CHARMS they were magically delicious no warning
on the cereal box the cows and horses somehow had voices
that hit my ears they wanted hay and corn they had choices
bad facts misled and like crackheads cats got doped up an
hope for luck so he carried a rabbit foot had a habit and shook plan
to attend college and then win with knowledge while in class hide
his bling before it became a specified thing and attract attention ride
in a drop with girl kissing a lot listening to HIPHOP twisting his plot
just to graduate and not show bad fate if you fail you nailed it stop
the fun even though you got a hot hun, so you study to pass he shop
at Walmart it's all part of the game, these rhymes tremble the majority
as a symbol of authority now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH sorority
present, now this stuff renowned and read he has a crown on his head
now he see a girl she seem to be a queen and free he think of the bed
she probably got cream for me, he wants an affair asap now prepare
to rap in hopes its not a bear trap the air zap his cap while her hair
hang down he used HIP HOP slang to pound her ears really too much to bare
he said "LOOK BOO years of struggle left a clear puzzle to success solve
the rest of job involve dedication want true power and a new shower rob
stupidity wash the facts and squash the whack sweaty no excuse knowledge
stay ready for use friction with tuition no ammunition just loose in college
"NAW PLAYER I have a quick itch when you flick my switch up and down plus
my butt is round so i end up moving my thing all over the place its a must
don't know rather it's clover or lace boyfriend bought a CHEVY NOVA to race
to the club the lips on my thing are phat like pancakes you flip that my waist
is grabbed and boys won't let go I be wet doe they get to flow at a fast pace
but right now my mini-skirt is pulled down they wanna lift it and sniff it like
a yuppie puppy and bark strong to spark my hormones these dark zones of hype
sex oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA go through a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH my thing ripe
like fruit jest a peach on a beach that boys wanna reach love bleach my soul
wow you sprung to the max and swung an ax to chop down trees because I'm bold
and stuck up like they are better ask somebody, got plenty butter let my panties
dry before i go any further dang they wet and you love slang get thicker candies
soar it's a hardcore day but little foreplay can change stuff that how it be boo
here come a dumb text should she answer or not she's a dancer and hot
hello boo need a date and i plead for cake so let me take you out
to the movie a true groovy place" "OH NO boobs and lace make you shout
you wanna walk me home plus we can't talk long on this phone, absurd
verbs are tossed we here alone and I need earphones to block your words
shock over what I heard wanna knock on my door and disturb the peace rude
so your slang is corrupt gonna hang up and leave, see you around dude
black Soul Sista on VIRGINIA BEACH FLY try reach a high give each boy
a pie at the club tonight feast far as love a slight increase wanna enjoy
my body oh boy the party started should've departed but nope DJ destroy
the turntables with hits, the lips of my thing become sweaty and tender fast
listening and kissing to TEDDY PENDERGRASS "Turn off the Lights" a mass
turn out on the dance floor a black Soul Sista go through a lot my task
is to strut butt, at home i flirt get phoned at work a boy wanna run a mile
then jerk my skirt off" "OK BOO I'm a odd guy wild and need to modify my style
need true lace at my new place, lets leave the club please you my love child
I stand and rap it love talk can be adapted to suit needs and cutes proceed
to strut butt, girl what up? I write terrific art take a specific part plead
for cake to be dispatch so I can take a batch home feel me? like Apollo Creed
I dance in the ring romance wearing bling, chance to get a girl's thing then
the whole world will sing, "NAW PLAYER got mad silk for you to see and win
you wanna add milk to my tea and spin my imagination then the fragmentation
goes elsewhere so be self aware i can get stealth down there, brag on relations
grab the chicken and feast yum! yum! and increase the sum of drumsticks and
come sick like KFC with biscuits and gravy don't get it twisted my wavy hair stand
out no doubt catch static and like the DRAMATICS "hey you get off my mountain"
"wanna go outside in the rain" about to ride not complain drink at fountain
have a choice at home but the voice on the telephone starting to brainwash
so i remain squashed in conversation shows domination in love talk oh gosh
my cake smoke so let me make a note in diary because it's fiery when written
down while a boy gitting my pound cake, sex and breasts are in the mood hidden
and express my attitude that's forbidden wear converse shoes they ain't fitting
"YOU GOT sex and pie boo let me lie next to you together we can make a bed
speak and your lips are red heat its in clear view I'm very near to a date, led
to bed by your pie no lie, sincere and nice clear and precise like direction
and perfection plays a part stays smart spend days at Walmart hate rejections
my plan exciting like handwriting just stuff on paper you wear perfume boo
wanna huff that vapor, no doubt my facts are out of contact with reality, new
this stuff can harm brain and like a storm drain i have to keep them clear
for fear of pollution, girl i need your world just to hurl around in bed dear
John letter won't get it, get girls quick because he hurl bricks in his love
talk, begin to feel bizarre and like the windshield of car clear glass above
normal, there's stuffy air in this fluffy affair even PUFFY share some CIROC
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