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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, why do I refer to the so call Afrikan as being Absent Minded, well it is because we once Black Divine Beings no longer operate in our original Mind, it is no longer in our use and because of that fact, we have become subjects of people that have constructed a New World Order and that World is Dominated by people we refer to as White ( Caucasian ) People, a people that came and Conquered the First ( Old ) World, a World that was consisted of Divine Black Beings, a world now usurped by the New World People, a people with a controlling and Dominating Nature, a people that treat people of lesser means as their subjects and Slaves.

Black so call Afrikans do not have a History of a beginning upon this Planet, something of a Life action that the Black so call Afrikan is not a party to, because the Black so call Afrikan has an experience of constructing the First World Civilization upon this Planet, meaning that we are not of any other World but our own, yet we find ourselves held captive in a New World Order created by People referring to themselves as being Human Beings.

There is no wonder why a people with an experience of Life that is Universal but now do not have the knowledge of who they are and now speak so lowly of self, even to the point of self denouncing a state of being that they do not remember about themselves which is a state of Divinity, a source of Universal Spirituality that come out of the Abyss of The Eternal Infinite Space Of Hydrodynamic Intelligence, an existence we now refer to as a Divine Reality without apparent illumination, commonly now referred to as Darkness, the Perfect Night, an Entity that only a People with such an identity can make claim to have emerged out from, a reality that cause such a People to have been in possession of such a Divine Intelligence, as so reflected by the act of Behavior that was reflected in every aspect of the Civilization such a Divine People so revealed upon this planet, they being a People of the First World to have resided upon this Planet, meaning that the Black Divine Beings Represent the Old World in comparison to the People referring to themselves as Human Beings and do make claim to be the creators of the New World Order that is now in Domination over the Worlds of Today.

Before the coming of the New World Order by a People who has the audacity to claim the right to partition Space and time, there was a People that only interacted with Space and time, a People that Revealed a Civilization upon this Planet and did not need to have documents outlining their authority of power over other people that occupy this Planet, so there is a distinct difference in the way the Divine Black People interacted with themselves in a Civilization that was only confirmed by the Universal Laws of Nature, needing no written paper documents of Magna Carta and Charters to substantiate a Claim of Dominance over the people of lesser ability caused by the Dominant Power exercised by those people of the New World Order, referring to themselves as Human Beings, a People when they speak of their Evil accomplishments, they always act as if the Divine Black Beings never were of a Status of a Divine Position upon this Planet, but all you have to do is lok all around you and marvel over the Monumental evidence they left which reveal the strength of their Divine intelligence.

Today you have a People referring to themselves as being Superior Human Beings as they point to the accomplishment of their New World Order, acting as if there never was a First World Divine Order that was Present upon this Planet, which verified a Divine People, which has grown to become Absent Minded of Whom they are, made to believe if they claim their Divinity that they would be signifying to be Supreme over all others that occupy this Planet in an Anthropomorphous Form, but Divinity does not signify Supremacy, it signify a Difference in the expression of Attitudes and Behaviors which verify the Spirituality of the Divine Black Beings that were of and in the First World of Complete Enlightenment about The Divine Essence, The Universe, And Of Themselves, never with a desire to Dominate and conquer, but to express a Divine spirituality ( Attitudinal Behavior ) toward The Divine Essence, The Universe, and toward each other.

The First World upon this Planet was the Divine World, needing no infrastructure to signify Domination, nor did they have to write Rules that control over other people, so there is a clear and apparent Line of Demarcation that the Human Beings have drawn to separate their Time of Dominance from the Time of Divine Spiritual experiences, practiced by a people whose origin was not on this Planet referred to as Earth.

The rise of the New World was and is infested with the Spirit of Lies and acts of Deception by the New World people,they referring to themselves as Human Beings and did in fact send the First Divine Black World into a state of Self forgetfulness, the Glow of their Divine Spirituality now overshadowed by the Illusion of the Luciferian Light of Lies and Deception, dominated by a self internal Social Construction of Power, Divided into a Trinity of Evil, Representing The divine Structure Of A Pyramid, they being Namely, The Financial institution Of England ( The Bank Of London ), a Unicameral New World Government ( UN ) and The Luciferian Institution Of Religion, referred to as the Catholic ( Universal ) Church of the New World Order, it resting at the Apex of that Order.

Beloved, have you never wondered why it is when the talk is about the accomplishment of the Human Beings, that they act in their self adulation as if the Old World consisting of the Divine Black World never did and have not ever Lived in Divine Provence upon this Planet ?

Why don't you wonder why the New World always act as if Black People have always been absent Minded, always implying that the only Civilization of Merit was in fact constructed by the Human Beings and they act as if our Absent of Mind is a Natural occurrence that happen to us when in fact it is the Human Beings of the New World Order that has caused the absent Mindedness of a once Black Divine Beings, a People that now believe it is natural to be A liar and a Deceiver of People and to always be in competition with each other, over that which the Luciferians make available to you prisoners of the Luciferians New World Order, whose Titular Head is the Pope Of The Luciferian Religion, representing the ultimate New World Power, Created and Controlled by the Catholic and Jesuit Church, there residing the Twins of Evil, they which has caused you to Look upon something held to be Divine in the First World, to be looked upon as being Evil in the New World, and yet the Military Wing of the Catholic Church being the Jesuit Church whose Titular Head is referred to as the Black pope, a Symbol Of supreme Power, with the Head of Christendom, the Pope of the Catholics Church now being looked upon as being the symbol of the New world Divinity, the now New World that has stolen successfully, the Old World, The first World Identity,. as they who now deny the Divine Knowledge revealed by our Ancient Divine Black First Way Cosmic Ancestors, you so call Afrikans which now are the absent Minded Afrikan, attemping to make fun of that which you do not Know of any more, how foolish and Absent minded the Afrikan Now Human Beings Have Become, as you fall down on your Knees Worshiping The Evil that has stolen your Identity.

The Divine truth, The Black so call Afrikan Human Beings Despise The Divine Truth, As We Roam This Planet, Now In A State Of absent Mindedness.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation


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