Chief Elder Osiris : The Abandonment Of Afrika by The Afrikan

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Afrikan People no longer has a vision of Afrika becoming as Afrika once was before the coming of the Human Being into Afrika and it is such a lost of vision that verify that the Afrikan has lost our First Love, which was Afrika and now the Afrikan People have abandon Afrika.

    What connect a people with their land is the spirit of those people and when the people spirit has abandon the land of their Ancient Ancestors, such an action by those people serve as an indication of being a homeless people, a people now of the status of a beggar, setting their eyes and wants on somebody else house, a sign of a people gone blind with an adopted spirit that have such a people to want what somebody else has and not what those people once had, which was a home once admired by the world and that home as it relate to the Afrikan, is in fact Afrika, the House The gods of Afrika built.

    Today it is no longer popular for Afrikan People to desire what once was theirs, Black people now have been trained to want to measure up to white folks potential and in America that potential is to be President of America, a sign of Black people abandonment of Afrika.

    Even the Afrikan in Afrika as well as the Afrikans everywhere else has abandon Afrika, the Afrikan in Afrika has abandon Afrika spiritually while the Afrikans away from Afrika has abandon Afrika both physically and spiritually but the greatest evil of all is for the Afrikan to Abandon Afrika spiritually, because it is the spirit of a people that protect a Nation and its Land and today the Afrikam people have abandon Afrika and the dignity of the self of the Black Afrikan Nation and that is why Afrika is no longer Afrika and the Black Afrikan nation is weak and divided today.

    Today the majority of Afrikan black people possess an undying love for America, most all eyes of the Afrikans, in Afrika and away from Afrika look toward America as being their dream desired destination, revealing a spirit of want to be an American and with a lost and now profane spirit of being an Afrikan and you wonder why Afrika and the Afrikan people are living in an Afrika and Afrikan Nation caste and having no desire to see Afrika become Afrika again and the Black Afrikan nation united again, having no vision to see and have a One undivided Afrika with all of Afrika National Representatives on the World Stage of Nations and to have a President of one Afrika, Afrikans of today are influenced not to have such a vision of Afrika and to not express such a Divine Spirit for afrika and the Afrikan People, that would not be living up to white folks expectation nor potential.

    So you see beloved, if the Black Afrikans vision and desire is not of white folks acceptance and potential, then in the Black World it has come not to be the vision and spirit we are to have in expressing what we no longer desire but want for our Black Lives today.

    In America, the Afrikan American is full of happiness because America has selected Obama for president, but you see in order for the black Life to receive respect, Divine Change, and Justice in the world, it is the mean that must justify the end and only in Afrika will such a life of freedom and respect will ever be experienced by the Black so call Afrikans in the world.

    Here we are liking Obama political victory to that of white folks Jesus Messiah, depicting Obama being surrounded by the Black Ministers religious representative as being similar to White Folks religious depiction of their Jesus at the last supper, a symbol of Jesus death to come, so why would Black people want to iconized Obama in that fashion, don't you know why white folks depicted that gathering as being not the beginning of many suppers to come but as the last supper and do you not know to symbolize Obama in a religious fashion is to imply that there is nothing real about Obama and his anticipated presidency, because all religious references indicate the action to be that of a fantasy praised by delusional people trained to believe in that which is not real, meaning only the powerful who have caused such an event to take place stand to profit and not the believers in what the powerful has allowed to happen?

    Beloved, in order for Obama coming presidency to be Divinely Real, the mean must justify the end and if the end in this case is not about bringing Justice to the lives of Black people and there being a Equal distribution of America Wealth to all classes in America and a Payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, then what good will an Obama presidency serve to all of the people in America and by the way, there is no more America Wealth, America now operate on borrowed notes.

    Beloved this is not meant to be a put down of Obama, I sincerely desire him to do well but that does not prevent me from seeing things as they really are and should not be, but should be for Black Afrikan People and what I see of the Black Afrikan people today is the Black Afrikans have abandon Afrika and have lost all respect for our Black selves and the proof of that claim is how the Afrikans have allowed Afrika to become today and the way Afrikan people are so divided and killing each other, yet is able to show compassion for America and being glad that Obams is soon to become America, not Afrika, president.

    So tell me and show me where by Obama being president of America, it is going to cause Afrika to become Afrika again and the Black Afrikan will become a United Black Nation, having no more phony boundary line to partition Afrika and there to be One High Authority to govern Afrika with the power resting in the Mind of the Afrikan people in Afrika?

    Will Obama presidency once and for all deal with the debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors and will he partition all of those foreign institution who directly approved of the Enslaving of our Ancestors and profit from that action to share in paying the debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors and acknowledge that all Black Folks who came to America by way of the middle passage for the first Time have the freedom of choice of staying in America or going back home to Afrika as the next established state in Afrika and to acknowledge that Afrika and the Afrikan has every Right to be reunited again, will that be one of the Aim and Goal of an Obama Presidency?

    Afrika and the Black Afrikan has every Divine Right to rise again and to become the Afrika and the Black Nation it originally was and not until then, the Black Afrikan will continue to have Abandon Afrika and the Self of the Black Afrikan, living a life that should be full of shame.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]