Black Christians : The 6-Pointed Corundum Star

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    The Six-Pointed Corundum Star
    On August 11, 2009...

    And then shall appear THE SIGN of the Son of man in heaven: ...
    ST MATTHEW 24:30.​

    I remember one morning, a couple of years ago, in the year 2006 the reaction of a news reporter as I was watching the early morning show. She was wide-eyed and looked shocked --like a deer stuck in headlight-- as she spoke about a recent scientific sighting in regards to the planet Saturn. Pictures from a spacecraft came back and revealed a strange phenomena. A clip was shown on the news too as the reporter stated that on one pole of Saturn, there was a shape of a hexagonal cloud. No matter how the planet rotated around its north pole the hexagonal shape maintained its form. Amazingly, this information about the planet Saturn leads to an uncanny connection, not only to the Star of Bethlehem, but to other peculiar elements that surrounds this ancient moving star. Not only does the planet Saturn fit the very definition of the Star of Bethlehem byway of other confirmations, but now this six sided pole leads to other revelations as well. According to the Bible, the Star of Bethlehem came into orbit to mark the very birth of Jesus which was also the beginning time of the Roman Empire system. This star too, was prophesized by ancient priest-scientist to come into orbit more than a thousand years before it actually did appear. Interestingly, when this Star of Bethlehem [SIGN of the son of man] appeared, it did so at a 180 degree angle [a straight line] over ‘JERUSALEM’, the very ‘City of Peace’.

    The Mystery Hexagon on SATURN

    Saturn holds a secret, a mysterious HEXAGON over the north pole. Yet unexplainable.

    During the time of Hitler, the European Jews began to wear a six-pointed star symbol, an Hexagram, which represented ‘the Star of David’. In 1000 BC, David, a descendant of Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Israel and Judah, became the king and later set up the Capitol in Jerusalem and reigned as king over all Israel. David became the king over Jerusalem, the City of Peace. And after he died, his son Solomon became the next king in Jerusalem. In essence, David was ‘a Sem (Shem) priest-king’ in that his role was as ‘a peacemaker’. But his son’s very name ‘Solomon’ means ‘Peace’. And Solomon became known as such due to prophecy in that he would reign during a time of peace. Therefore, ‘the Star of David’ was at one point, technically defined as being the six-pointed ‘STAR OF SOLOMON’ [i.e. Seal of Solomon]. At any rate, could this six-pointed symbol for the Star of David be equated with the Star of Bethlehem? Could this link be a coincidence or did ancient people know something about this Star of Bethlehem in its relation to a hexagonal pole? Was there something significant about ‘the number six’ that correlates to this great Star of Prophecy? The Planet Saturn came in as being the sixth planet of our solar system. Could this be another important connection to this Star of Prophecy in relation to ‘the number six’. A great portion of the contents of the Bible was hidden and sealed up prophecies but today, it becomes evident that another aspect of this Star of Bethlehem was already written and connects with the very birth of Jesus Christ.

    SAPPHIRE -- Deep-Blue Fire; The Gold of UPHAZ -- ZAPHnath Paaneah

    Then I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a certain man clothed in linen,
    whose loins were girded with fine gold of UPHAZ: His body also was like the beryl,
    and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire,
    and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass,
    and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude. [DANIEL 10:5-6].​

    John-the-Revelator saw the same vision about 400 years later [REVELATIONS 1:13-15]. The Webster definition for ‘SAPPHIRE’ is ‘the planet SATURN’ and also, ‘a deep-blue, transparent, clear CORUNDUM stone’. The golden rings [girdle] described to be around Jesus correlates to the very rings around the Planet Saturn, a scientific depiction also revealed today in certain images of the planet Saturn. The word ‘Uphaz’ carries detailed meanings within context. The root word ‘UP’ means ‘heaven’ and the inverted word ‘Phaz’ for the word ‘Zaph’ [Greek var. Zephyre] can mean ‘western wind’, ‘western star’, ‘hidden’ [Zephaniah; the Lord has hidden], ‘hidden star’ . . .. It was the Coptic name for Joseph [Jozeph], ‘Zaphnath Paaneah’, meaning ‘the Revealer of Hidden truths’ or, ‘the Revealer of Secrets’ [GENESIS 11:45]. Therefore, ‘the gold of Uphaz’ could be define to mean ‘the gold around the Sapphire Star’ or, ‘the gold in heaven’.... The Star of Bethlehem came into orbit in a straight alignment with the earth in the west, the technical geographic definition for ‘the Middle East’ in the land of Ham. It is a western star. More importantly, Sapphire is the color of the throne of the living GOD [EXODUS 24:10, EZEKIEL 1:26]. The color of Sapphire means ‘eternal’ or ‘infinite’ and has become an important ensign for many flags. But what becomes more astonishing would be a fascinating relationship between the planet Saturn, THE SAPPHIRE STAR, and our STAR PLANET EARTH.


    And the children of Israel saw the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses’ face shone:
    and Moses put the vail upon his face again, until he went in to speak with him. [EXODUS 34: 35];
    ...the children of Israel could not steadfastly behold the face of Moses for the glory of his countenance;...
    [2 CORINTHIANS 3:7].​

    The scientific name for Corundum or Sapphire is ALUMINUM OXIDE [Al2O3]. The Aluminum element on the periodic table has an atomic number of 13. Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on earth but it does not exist as a single element naturally, therefore Sapphire would actually be an oxidized form of Aluminum [also known as Alumina]. Depending on where the Corundum rock is found in the earth its oxidized form and physical quality varies. Aluminum has to be extracted from the rock ore which would be the Corundum rock ore, sometimes called Bauxite [also, Emery, Gibbsite (Al3)...depending on where it is found naturally]. Aluminum is extracted through strip mining operations and the rocks are heated in order to separate the elements. The Corundum rock can be found in certain places on this planet earth. In ancient times, it was said to be found in Greece [East Europe] and West Turkey [Greek lands], and in North America one main place it has been found and quarried would be in North Carolina. It is a very hard rock, second to the diamond in hardness and has been used in industries such as the automobile industries and to make such products as sandpaper [emery rock, emery boards...]. Technically, the word ‘Corundum’ refers to the rock ore, ‘a brown colored rock’ but the actual word has been derived from Sanskrit of which refers to the other rare and main precious gem stone that comes from the Corundum rock; RUBY. So, both the deep-blue Sapphire and the Ruby precious gem stones are Corundums [a form of oxidized Aluminum].

    In the earth’s formation, the Corundum rock can be found in the igneous or metamorphic layers of the earth and of which formed from volcanoes. But here would be the most intriguing quality of Corundum in its relation to the SAPPHIRE PLANET, Saturn’s hexagonal pole. The Corundum rocks found in the earth naturally have a rectangular prism crystallized rock formation and are ‘HEXAGONALLY SHAPED’. Its cleavage shows this pattern no matter which way it breaks or no matter what layer of earth it has been found. The Corundum rock ore can also yield other colored stones as well, but the most precious gem stones are the sapphire and the ruby. The ruby becomes red due to the presence of chromium in its formation. But the Sapphire stone gets its deep-blue clear color due to the presence of either iron or titanium in its formation. It’s as if God-the-Creator poured his spirit out into the earth and the planet Saturn. It’s as if the very blood of the living GOD has made the Aluminum rock turn into a deep-blue or brilliant red stone. And what about the six-sided pole found on the planet Saturn? Could there be a correlation between the six-sided Corundum rocks found naturally all over on our planet earth with the six-sided pole on the Sapphire Star? Can a hypothesis be drawn from such a correlation?

    It was said that in the AD 1600s when telescopes were first developed, the Planet Saturn was first seen to appear like ‘a cup and a saucer affect’ or, a cup with two handles. Although this magnificent wondering star is not as large as the planet Jupiter, it is said to be about 700 times larger that our planet earth, not including its extensive ring systems. Eventually though, the planet moved and became angled at a certain degree and its extensive ring system was distinguished apart from its round planetary disc. And now almost 400 years later, this planet has turned again to appear as it did back then only this time, another feature has made it especially interesting and mysterious. On August 11, 2009, it aligned with our earth in such a way that its rings seem to have become invisible. Although the ‘cup-and-saucer’ affect has now been understood to happen on occasion due to its’ alignment with the earth, today scientist are intrigued due to this new alignment that makes the ring system invisible for a short time and also due to the revelation of its mysterious north pole. What can this mean in relation to our solar system? It was actually a few years earlier in the 1980s that scientist first discovered the hexagonal pole and some have stated that the planet Jupiter might have a similar hexagonal pole as well. However, this initial discovery was believed to be coincidental. It was not until the Cassini spacecraft was able to take more clearer pictures of Saturn’s north pole in 2006, that this hexagonal pole became an astonishing reality. Based upon Saturn’s 27 degree tilt and its’ seasonal orbit halfway around the sun of about fifteen (15) years, this north pole has become revealed. And on September 4, 2009, its’ rings aligned with our earth again to appear invisible.

    In the year 2002, on April 17, the planet Saturn became apart of a planetary alignment, the likes of which had not occurred since 2000 years ago on the very birthday of Jesus Christ and when this Star of Bethlehem first came into orbit. And in those ancient times, an alignment occurred once again within about thirty (30) years of the first alignment on the Crucifixion of Christ. That alignment included, a Total Solar eclipse as well. Likewise, scientist say that there will be another planetary alignment to occur in the year 2012. In conjunction with this upcoming planetary alignment, could this eerie clouded, whirling, six-pointed, six-sided, pole on Saturn have a certain magnetic pull or other affect on our planet earth? Could the ‘cup-and-saucer affect’ be a revelation of Saturn’s ability to rotate from bottom to top on its equinox and to finally include our earth in a more precise upcoming planetary alignment? Is this Sapphire Star bowing to sun and earth to show us its head for a reason? Is this pole similar or in relation to the distinctive Great Spot on the one side of the planet Jupiter? And does Saturn’s hexagonal pole act like ‘a lock and a Key’ affect in which when aligned in a certain mode with other stars, it becomes the trigger for another phenomena?

    The images show that this north pole actually consist of a double hexagon with many honeycombed shaped patterns in the interior. Could this be three separate systems revealing that Saturn actually consist of more than one disc [a wheel within a wheel] and of which has many eyes [honeycombs]. Could this be compared to the ancient ‘Seal of Solomon’, two superimposed triangles encircled that makes an hexagram, and in which a king wears as a ring that could be used as ‘a key’ or ‘a stamp’ to give access to something sealed or hidden. Technically and considering its ringed systems, Saturn could definitely be defined as ‘a wheel within a wheel’, a description of some prophets concerning certain supernatural visions. But, could there be one 6-sided system, inside another 6-sided system with the honeycombed patterns [cells] as yet another unique 6-sided system that can protrude outward and inward like a retractable telescope. Could the Sapphire Star signify judgment in relation to the Biblical Mark of the Beast and the number of his name? For certain, the Star of Bethlehem can be defined as THE STAR OF RESURRECTION and Judgment, because it was present on its first anniversary at THE FIRST RESURRECTION which happened about 2000 years ago and has been prophesized to be THE SIGN of the son of man that signifies the coming of THE SECOND RESURRECTION and judgment. Finally, can these observations and questions presented become a basis to form a hypothesis about this double hexagonal pole just recently confirmed to be at the north pole of Sapphire; the Corundum, Aluminum Oxide, illuminated planet Saturn?

    I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore,
    Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. [REVELATION 1:18].

    And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament;
    and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. [DANIEL 12:3].​

    The Mystery Hexagon on SATURN

    Saturn holds a secret, a mysterious HEXAGON over the north pole. Yet unexplainable.

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