Black People : The 2 faced dems!

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    this is why I say that dem or repub, WHITE is WHITE!:teach: The phoney dems are now backing away from letting in bro Burris to the senate. And had barack up there sounding STUPID! How in Gods green earth can you deny this man the seat? SMH. And Kneegros are talking like the White folks sayin "nobody the gov appoints should be confirmed" :cool::cool: hell, Lying, cheating and stealing is a must for the senate and the house.:tongue2:
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    Obama tried to get a black women appointed...Valarie Jarett but he couldn't because Blagovich was the one who had the final say so so instead she got a job as one of Obama's top advicers.

    Also Jesse Jackson Jr. was a consideration but because he was a key witness, and informant for the Feds on the corruption charges he couldn't be named. Blagovich hated JJJ for years and so picked Burris instead of JJJ...
    Years back Blagovich tried to blackmail JJJ for campaign contributions to get his wife a Job, and he and Rezko, also stifled JJJ's community development program by saying that he would get no funding for it unless he put them as chairmen of the entire development. That being said Burris should not have overstepped JJJ like that...
    They actually had the nerve to try and make it seem like JJJ was trying to buy a senate seat and meanwhile he is one of the reasons why Blagovich is facing charges today for corruption...
    so yes it is sad that Burris may not get the seat, but I would rather see JJJ get it.