Black Short Stories : thats whats up: part one

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    Characters: TROY: 24, manager of his friend AC whos like a little brother to him ever since AC's mom died and his dad got strung otu and died. Troy took care of AC ever since then that was eight years ago. AC was 12 at the time
    AC: twenty. A young man with a lot of talent but low self esteem. he fronts like hes got a whole lot of confidence but he doesnt. Troy has been his biggest supporter of his dream. AC's dream is to make it big as a rapper and get him, troy and his girl sidney outta the hood. he started as a battle rapper
    Sidney: AC's girlfriend. She met him about two years ago in school. she supports him and troys goal.

    *At troy's house*
    *phone rings*
    Troy: AC!
    AC: whats up man. ey they got our mixtape. they want a interview with me man! and i gotta bring my agent socome on!
    Troy: you told sidney?
    AC: yeah shes getting ready. I told her to pack up her stuff cause we gonna get a biiiiig house for you me her all my homeboys you know maaan
    Troy: yeah yeah well what time is the interview
    AC: in about two hours. They got a plane ready for us maaaan!
    Troy: OOOOOH yeah sidney gonna love that
    *couple hours later in NY*
    Sidney: wow baby were here
    AC: yeah i know baby we gon make it I KNOW IT!
    Troy: hold on little man we gotta deal with these execs.....
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    the depth on da rise nice start.
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    Part two: the cd and marketing

    *the crew walks into def jam and a man in a blue suit pops up*
    man in blue suit: ahh and you are?
    Troy: um im Troy Walls and this is AC Jamison
    mibs: and the young lady?
    Sidney: Umm im AC's girlfriend
    AC: shes here for moral support
    mibs: ahh i see. well mr Jamison Mr. Carter has been expecting you
    AC: JAY Z?!
    Troy: calm down kid. Show us the way?
    mibs; thats what im here for *takes them to Jay Z's office*
    *AC and Troy walk over to Jay Z*
    Troy: nice to meet you sir
    AC: WOW its amazing to meet you man. I have reasonable doubt and i got the black album! I still remember dead presidents too! your one of my favorite rappers!
    Troy: i think thats enough AC
    Jay Z: naw i like it kids enthusiastic but sit down you three
    *sidney is off in corner looking at the gold records on the wall*Sidney: wow so many dang
    Jay Z: Def Jam is amazing huh? I still take it in everyday you know. well you know that were here to talk about your deal right?
    AC: yeah and the terms were four yrs four mil right
    Jay Z: yeah all negotiated by your boy troy
    Troy: yep
    Jay Z: just sign here and youll be apart of the Def Jam fam
    *AC signs*
    AC: so should i get to working on the album right now?
    Jay Z: yeah Kanye volunteered to be your producer. hes waiting outside
    the door. *Troy and sidney walk out but AC stays* Jay Z: ey kid stay wanna talk to you
    AC: what do you wanna talk about?
    Jay Z: *puts hand on shoulder* kid, i have great faith in you. you got serious skills. do def jam proud.
    AC: wow. I will mr carter
    Jay Z: no prob kid telling the truth
    AC: peaceout! *walks out and meets kanye*
    Kanye: the worlds greatest producer and the no. one rapper is here ladies and gentlemen ready to make a hit record again
    Sidney: *whispers in AC's ear* really modest huh?
    AC: haah yeah
    Kanye: come this way so i can show you the true way to get critical acclaim