Black Poetry : That's What they Say to Ease The Pain


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Mar 19, 2001
An amalgamation of peace, stillness, and
earl grey steamin' has my imagination
re-creating you dancing on the strings of a violin
causing it to moan making the sound drip
out of the speaker

I can do nothing but dance with your
abstracted existence these serene sounds
of cirulean blue peach and ecru
smooths out the ache of missing you

so I dance

tears fall hitting the hard wood floor
and spell your name ...since you loved
anonymity I'll call you phenomenal
twin of wonderful queen of my Hued-man

and you ruled the lands with a graceful hand

dance imagination dance! take me to where
she is somewhere over the rainbow over the clouds
over pain over misery overjoyed she is that I
have not forgotten her...

the flames have learned my steps and create
shadows of she and.......I on the walls intertwined
interposing harmony between our intercoursing
bodies and we sailed the course to the lands
of Climax...I stood

and watched body stuttering no longer able
to keep it together and I cry 'til the memories
are captured in the lava lamp of my remembrance
of her rising descending body / warm / yet feel
it I will no longer she has gone

the lord needed an least that's what they
say to ease the pain

yet...her voice still remains
and her touch I have trapped in the recesses
of my skin and her soul is wed to

and I begin again to dance yet this
time reality has captured me and I
dance alone.

(c) blakverb 2001

This is for the "cool" in you~ mmmmuuuuaaaa!!
brotha you are as good as gold!-(no, better than)
Tell me, have you gotten any work done today????
heee heee heee! :)
All jokes aside, this is a great piece,
but then again, I expect nothing less than the
BEST from you!!
Keep on flowin' like ya' know sumthin' luv


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