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HODEE said:
Shahiym Muhammad walked out the balcony door of his apartment carrying a single white box of belongings. The box contained a scattered array of wall art, compact discs and photographs.
"There's not much in there," he said. "There's not much worth taking."
Muhammad said he allowed his renters insurance to lapse because he planned to move next month after five years at the complex. He said all of his important documents burned in the fire.

Is this you?

Yes, that's me.

If the lady in apartment 106 had insurance, you can sue her, for

personal property loss. Take her to smalls if nothing else. The limit is five thousand. She was negligent.

The problem with this, is that the entire family in 106 is a non-English speaking immigrant family (I'm not even sure if they are legal citizens), and I know for a fact that they didn't have renter's insurance--in fact I was the only one in that building who HAD insurance at one point (as I previously stated, I let my insurance lapse like an idiot last year).

So the combined circumstance pretty much means that I'll get zilch from that family.

However, here is a post I made on the BAD LAND LORD's forum recently:


I live in Durham NC, where my apartment building (housing 20 units) was recently burned down.

I'll start by stating that unfortunately I let my renter's insurance lapse this time last year, so no hopes there...

Nevertheless, there are conflicting stories as to the reason behind the fire:

The first is the story that the property managers keep asserting (no doubt for their own benefit); that one of the families attempted to plug too many plugs into one socket, which caused the circuit breaker to catch fire.

The second story was discovered after the fire, while taking a consensus from the other burn-out victims.......

Apparently, people in that building (and other buildings in that complex as well) have been having problems with their breakers...

About a month or so before the fire, one guy claimed that he was on his computer one night and the breaker kept switching off on him, for apparently no reason........He reset it a few times, and then the breaker box started smoking, and it fried his computer.....

He got scared, so he called the fire department and the apartment maintenance crew.....

Both the FD and the maintenance came, and the maintenance guys told the FD that they would handle it.

As a result, they "fixed" his breakers, but apparently other tenants complained about having the same problems both before and after his situation.

And then a month after, the entire building burns down.

I am still waiting to get a copy of the fire marshall's investigation report.

My question is, am I due any sort of retribution in this situation?

The family of the unit in which the fire originally started is a non-English speaking immigrant family (I am in no way blaming their background for any of this), thus it may be pointless to attempt to sue them (would I even have grounds to do so?), especially considering the fact that they lost absolutely everything, while some of us were able to salvage a few items.

Is the property management of the apartments in anyway responsible? If so, are they required to compensate me for my loss?

Please help, with any info possible.

Thank You.


What are you thoughts, HODEE?

Thanx for your response either way.

Yes Brothah, we live and we learn. I trust that time is doing its healing work on your mind and spirit.

Although the property managers did make an effort to help ya'll it's clear their negligence caused the fire. For them to blame that woman when they knew the problem had been there for at least a month desttroys any claim of innocence they might make. You know the particulars of your situation and I know you will make the right decisions.

Love you very much


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