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SAMURAI36 said:
This is the info that I'm most interested in. Would you have any available information, as to how I can go about getting retribution in the event that either one was the culprit? Website links, or something of that nature?

Also, I had renter's insurance, but unfortunately I let it lapse...... :eek:oops:

I was intending to relocate to another state last year, and planned to reinstate my insurance once I moved....However, I had to keep postponing the move date, and I never re-up'd the insurance....

The irony of all of this is, I had been planning to move in the next month or so.

Anyways, if anybody has some pertinent info that they feel might be beneficial to my situation, please feel free to share it, either here, or in my given e-mail address.


Unfortunately I have only come across articles that state renters have no recourse. The landlord has no responsibility for your personal losses.

Still it doesn't hurt to look into this. If the owner is at fault, ( faulty wiring ) ( found to be arson by the owner ) you may be able to recover something.

Personal losses are hard to put a dollar amount on. Contact the fire department and request a copy of the report. If they won't give it to you. Go to the small claims court and sue the owner for a Subpoena copy. In California where I am.. the amount is five thousand in small claims. Check your state and see how much it may be. Most are only twenty-five hundred.

Better still check into getting a subpena without sueing until you get the report. But you do want one.

You may be able to go to your court and file for one just to get the information because you were affected by the incident. Try that first. Then seek an attorney, start listing your belongings and if someone has pictures of your apartment those would be very handy.

Always take pictures of your home or apartment, it comes in handy for a claim for burglary or fire. Put the photo's in a metal or ( fire proof box ) or a safe deposit box.

Give us the state where you live. We may be able to zero in better on the state law or procedure.
peace to the god,

it is very true that which does not kill us can only make us stronger!!!

- I am at one with your pain & loss my brother & I thank the ALL for showing you mercy & having you somewhere else at the time of the fire. Surely, the Supreme Being is El-Rahman El-Rahim & shows favor to his chosen ones.

- In the midst of this trial, the creator has already proven thru your friends, family & co-workers that everything will be alright. So let the fire in your mind bring forth the flames of light & life, as to remove this dark hour of inconvienience. Once you get to the end of the tunnel, you will be the 6 million dollar man!!!!!!!!!

The Goddesses & Gods of are here for you anytime you need to vent or just clear your mind..........

When Ibrahim was cast into the fire for destroying his peoples Idols, the fire was kept cool because Allah was in the fire with him to protect him. Surah 21!!!!!!!!!!

- soon you will have to add the attribute Warrior after Samurai!!!!!!!!!

peace & love my brother.............

Here is a link where you can enter your state in the box on the right under the banner and get all kinds of information about renters' rights specific to the state you live in.

On the spiritual side,
The full impact of your loss to your emotions may not have hit you yet because it is so soon and you've been occupied with survival. When you are settled and alone with your thoughts it might hit you like a ton of bricks. Don't be surprised when that happens. Don't let the evil one lull you into forgetting your resolve.

Love and peace



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