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Feb 26, 2007
In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
Many Black people have felt this their entire lives: Please Forward to every Black person that you know!

You've open this e-mail like you have many others hoping that it is that body of literature that you have been searching for your entire life. Your searching for answers because you know that there is something wrong with the world –something especially terrible wrong when you’re Black. What your searching for you can’t fully explain, but you feel it and know that it is real. You felt it your entire life like an unrelenting splinter in your mind.
Welcome to the true and real world that of which we Black people have been blindly entertained, socialized, mis-educated, and mentally manipulated-through a white governmentally controlled media- from realizing.


As a means of maintaining its white dominance and control, the U.S. government now uses false disinformation - a psychology of deceit- to confuse, and divide its Black population and to create a consensual environment of where in which they are more easily exploited and ultimately suppressed. This modern system of covert white racism is in fact so proficient that it is directly intertwined with the many problems now adversely affecting Black America, and because of it the masses of African Americans remain still the most racially devalued by society and the most deliberately exploited and suppressed group in America. This journey will be quite difficult and very uncomfortable for many African Americans because most have never heard of this method of asserting White racism, therefore many will find it too shocking and stunning to contemplate. Moreover, in order to recognize it requires that African Americans reexamine some of their most basic beliefs and prior assumptions. It also requires that African Americans overcome a psychologically ingrained “White is right” preferentiality that has been indoctrinated unrelentingly upon the Black psyche that is rarely moved. Nevertheless, the gained reward by reading this literature will be a change from feelings of hopelessness and despair to an awareness of the most urgent issue of our time.
Today despite the fact of the many equalities gained and opportunities that are now available and given that by all apparent measures racism in the United States has significantly declined, at present America remains largely still a nation divided along Black and White racial lines. A separate and unequal society – one thriving and intact [white] and the other brutally disenfranchised, struggling, and, far too often, Black. Multigenerational poverty in America remains still largely Black. In fact, today’s generation of African Americans appears more now plagued with disparities, and in many ways far worse off, than any generation before now. This statement is affirmed in the fact that the once unprecedented degree of racial pride and unity that was so movingly demonstrated among African Americans during the 1960's has now today become replaced by widespread and division and internalized racism among the race. And of the fact that never before has the Black suicidal rate ever been higher than it is now. The suicide rate among African American males between the ages of 15 and 19 has risen an astronomical 145% percent. That is eight times higher than the rate of their White counterparts, and it is the highest it's ever been since they have been keeping figures on Blacks. Statistically, Black America appears to be now literally committing cultural self- genocide. The problem is so alarming that the former Surgeon General, David Satcher, describes it as "a crisis of epidemic proportions”. African Americans also appear now today more divided than at any other time before in American history. The Black-on-Black homicide rate is higher now than ever before. One study reveals that more Blacks have been killed by Blacks in the last twenty-five years than the entire number of Americans solders killed during the Vietnam War. This division is also evident in the collapse of the Black nuclear family. It is estimated that, forty years ago, less than thirty-percent of African Americans homes were headed by a single parent. Today, that number has tragically risen above eighty percent—often creating many emotionally wounded Black children living with single parents.
Moreover, the psyches of many African Americans youth appear to be now more fragile then their parents before them. For never before have so many Black male youth so openly admired criminal behavior such as thuggery and pimping; and never before have more of our young Black girls so routinely denigrated their gender; nor has the African-American high school drop out rate been higher then it now is; it has now climbed above fifty-one percent. Additionally, internalized racism appears to have a greater hold upon the Black psyche now than at any other time before in history for never before have African Americans more favorably referred to themselves as “******s” than they do now; never more than now, upon attaining wealth and success, have a greater number of Blacks deliberately rejected all potential Black spouses, preferring to marry only White spouses. And never more than now have even the poorest of Blacks spent a greater percentage of their yearly earning on Europeanizing cosmetic surgeries, bleaching skin creams, chemical hair softeners, and hair weaves. Internalized racism among African Americans is now worse than at any other time before in history. What is most particularly unsettling about this disturbing fact is that given White America’s brutal history of mistreating Black people, how it is that so many African Americans now suffer from such a massive attack of national amnesia-therefore failing to remember this historical record and have, instead, developed such a profound admiration for Whiteness and contempt for their own Blackness? The equally troubling question here is not only how have we [Blacks] become self hating living contradictions of our formers selves, but also how is it that a racial group such as the White race, they that possesses an unprecedented history and proclivity for brutal racism; they whom of which all other races have been either their enemies or victims; they, who have planned and waged aggressive, unjustifiable wars and have committed crimes against humanity such as genocide and slavery is now perceived as the standard of ethics and moral values despite their brutal history to the contrary? Given White America’s historical brutal record of mistreating not only African Americans, but also Asian Americans and Native Americans, how is it that they (Whites) are perceived today as being the racial group of the highest moral values and ethics, contrary to their historical record of brutality? What explains the present favorable perception of whites that is contradictive of all historical facts? Clearly there is something terribly wrong here, but what?

The White premise that there exists an innate proclivity for division and discursiveness among African Americans is totally inaccurate because this problem is a modern phenomenon that is not consistent with the history of African Americans. While perhaps difficult to believe today, Black unity [Umoja] was, historically, the cornerstone of the African American community and was a crucial factor in the survival of African Americans for more than four-hundred years of White racial oppression. It is credited for the success of the Underground Railroad system that secretly led to the escape of hundreds of African slaves to the north. Black unity and cohesion also attributed to the survival of millions of African Americans not only during slavery, but also during the aftermath of brutal Jim Crow era lynchings and through the financially crippling years of the United States great depression era. Moreover, Black unity was the most significant factor in the success of the 1960's civil right movement; for the immense degree of unity among African Americans then was made evident by its massive organization and mobilizations of mass bus boycotts, marches, freedom riders, and sit ins that were nonviolently conducted through the unified protest of civil disobedience. It was these methods of civil disobedience that gave the world the many images of African Americans being violently brutalized by White attackers while not responding to the immense violence with violence themselves; therefore touching the heart and conscious of many and gaining both national and global support that eventually led to America abandoning its usage of open, blatant and legalized forms of Jim Crow racism. The demonstrated degree of unity and structure among African Americans displayed then was extraordinary and arguably remains unrivaled by any other group in the history of America. And in regards to the prevalence of Black behavior of self hatred commonly displayed today, clearly this is a modern problem for the display of Black ethnic pride was much more prevalent in the 1960's. For then the favorable fashion was the dashiki and the preferred hair style was the Afro and corn rows; and the popular themes then were "Black is Beautiful” and being "Black and Proud.” Clearly, these noted facts when considered together, the profound loss of racial pride and the self-hatred displayed today among many African Americans is a modern phenomenon.
What is more, the assertion that the academic failures and profound loss of scholastic motivation among African American students stem from an innate racial difference of intelligence is also very inaccurate. This problem is also a modern one that happened after integration. For prior to the 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka and despite being wrought by Jim Crow racial oppression, inequalities, indignities, and having to attend poorly funded schools, the Black illiteracy that was 30% in 1919 had dropped to less then 7% by 1955. . It had not only almost disappeared in the South, but in some areas, it was less than White illiteracy as in then New York. In 1950, Black colleges had 71,000 students, and 553 African Americans had a Doctorate Degree. The intellectual growth of African Americans was extraordinary. African American contributions to the advancement in the field of science, agriculture, medical and domestic inventions during and following reconstruction were remarkably astounding. This was made most evident by the extremely high number of patent applications submitted by African Americans inventors to the U.S. Patent office --which is a miraculous feat especially under such oppressive conditions and coming so shortly after slavery. The now profound loss of educational motivation and aspiration among so many African American students today is also a modern phenomenon that is inconsistent with the history of African Americans. So, what then has happened to the unrivaled racial pride, unity and cohesion, and ambitious perseverance that were once so unprecedented and so movingly demonstrated among African Americans?
Many African American psychologists have formed the consensus view that the problem stems from historical racial brutality and past prejudices that were indoctrinated upon the minds of our slave ancestors that is being subconsciously regenerated down generational lines by cultural pathologies of self contempt embedded within the Black psyche. (Akbar, Hilliard, Nobles, etc...) A brutal slave indoctrination process commonly referred to as the Willie Lynch method of slave indoctrination is typical in describing the process of indoctrination. However, while there clearly are many behaviors that exist now among African Americans today that can be directly traced back to slavery, these noted problems are now worse today than forty years ago. Therefore, this historical mortifying indoctrination process upon our slave ancestors cannot be fully blamed for the problem. There has to be another explanation of why the problem is now worse than ever before. For the problem has become more prevalent within the last half century. What then is the root cause of why given that by all apparent measures racism in the United States has significantly declined, is today’s generation of African Americans now plagued with disparities and internalized turmoil far worse than any generation before now? What has happened to the once unprecedented Black unity and cohesion, educational aspiration and racial pride that were once so prevalent among many African Americans? How then did we African Americans become living contradictions of our former selves? Do we continue to accept the easy and convenient answer that Black unity, cohesion, and educational aspiration merely disintegrated when integration and other opportunities became available? And can the problem be some still how linked to white racism?
In his last public and arguably most famous speech entitled “The Mountain Top” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said [paraphrasing] that although he himself may not make it to the promise land [of equality for all Americans] that we as a nation nevertheless will get to the promise land. Many Americans today believe that Dr. King’s dream has been, for the most part, fully realized in America, therefore Black failure to achieve now is totally the fault of Blacks alone. But has Dr. King’s dream been fully realized in America, or are we all the victims of an elaborate illusion that equality now exists for all Americans? Today the illusion of opportunity and change has been so firmly established upon the national consciousness that to suggest that the noted problems among America’s Black communities today now stem from White racism has become almost laughable.
Today, it is inevitable that if anyone were to now blame the many disparities among African Americans on White racism that they would be immediately accused of playing the inevitable race card and of being professional peddlers of victim-hood that somehow enjoy the moral advantage that their victim-hood gives them to overstate their case, to absolve themselves from all responsibility. Certainly, there are those Blacks that have wrongly peddled victim-hood and blame of Whites, however, today this scenario of the Black victim peddler is deliberately over stated and perpetuated within the American society, thus creating immense disdain for these Black accusers, even from fellow Blacks themselves. This is being deliberately done to prevent us from realizing that there actually does exist a modern deliberate system of racism implemented by America’s White governmental elites with the underlying objective of maintaining White dominance.
Given America's White dominance, it should come as no surprise that the prevailing sentiment in the U.S. has now become that race is no longer a significant factor in the American society and that therefore racism can no longer be blamed for the despairing state of Black America. However, to find the true answers to the persistent despairing problems among the African-American communities one must not be deterred, but instead be willing to persevere beyond White indifference, ridicule, mockery, disapproval, and/or accusations of peddling victim-hood for they are now deliberately employed as tools of deterrence to keep Black America from finding the truth.
The truth is that the United States government’s practices of economically exploiting and suppressing its Black population was actually never truly abandoned, but instead reincarnated into a far more sophisticated method. Furthermore, that the source of the intensification of internalized racism, loss of motivation, school failure, profound division, and present confused outlook now so prevalent among so many African Americans today are in fact directly attributed to this modern deliberate system of covert White racism.

Although today most African Americans do not experience racism the way their parents experienced it, they do, however, still experience White racism. White racism in the U.S. is still a current and devastating problem that now prevails with sophistication and is employed more covertly and more proficiently than ever before. The decline of the blatant, overt racism used in the United States to suppress African Americans up until the 1960's coincided with the implementation of a better disguised, more intensified, sophisticated, and more covert method of White racism more fitting for the times. The reincarnation of methods of suppressing sub-groups is not at all uncommon. In examining the records of history, we often find that, among those mighty empires which were brutal, greedy, and racist, those behaviors did not decay quickly even after the fall of empire. These patterns of racism where often reincarnated into forms more acceptable to the changing times.
This practice of reinventing newer forms of institutionalized racism was already seen in the United States when, after the abolishment of slavery, the evil of racism was reincarnated into Jim Crow inequalities that where maintained by regional authorities and condoned by the U.S. Government. This atrocious American pattern of reincarnating its methods, of exploiting and suppressing its Black population to maintain its White dominance secretly, continues in the 21 century. Moreover, the modern method used in today’s world is so complete and proficient that it is intricately intertwined with the many despairing conditions now plaguing many of America’s Black communities, including delinquency, school failure, crime, profound self hatred and division, and also the national collapse of the Black nuclear family.

White America's methods of institutionalized racism was secretly modified into a more contemporary and stealthy design that provides a more socially acceptable means to control the growth and advancement of its African American population. Unlike the blatant brutal method of racism used in the past in the United States, today’s methods are very sophisticated and unlike anything ever before faced by African Americans. Its methods are so well fortified and so complete until Blacks themselves are labeled “racist” by other Blacks for merely calling attention to it. Through this modern system of implementing white racism Black people in America, as within perhaps the entire white world over, remains the most racially devalued and most economical exploited and suppressed group in America. While the true assigned governmental title of this covert operation remains classified, I however, refer to this modern system of white racism appropriately as “the Black Matrix”. It is directly linked to the unprecedented internalized turmoil and many disparities now afflicting Black America.
Furthermore, it is so enthralling and sophisticated that it misleads Blacks to believe that they are, themselves, their own worst enemies, therefore engendering an internalized aberration of self contempt that pulverizes Black unity and halts Black upward mobility. It is also so fundamentally detrimental to the Black human condition and psyche that it may even affect the extent to which many African Americans realize their full human potential. Moreover, this system of racism is so well fortified and so complete that many African Americans will even disregard this disclosure of its existence as being merely nonsense and preposterously inconceivable. In fact, this method of racism is so proficient at damaging the Black self-perception that tragically it has become easier for many Blacks to accept the derogatory premise that the noted problems stem from innate inadequacies within themselves rather than that of being the case of a modernized method of institutionalized racism being implemented at governmental levels.
Many African Americans, in defending the U.S. Government, will adamantly present the question of why would the U.S. government find it a necessity to implement such a racist scheme? This is because the image that has been firmly established upon the consciousness of Black America, in regards to the U.S. Government, are those of the U.S. government sending troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to safely escort Black students to attend schools or that of the Northern Union soldiers fighting and dying against the Confederate army to free the slaves, and of the many social programs that the federal Government has implemented towards the benefit of African Americans. However, while these undertakings by the U.S. government individually and collectively deserve our appreciation, they do not accurately provide the full picture revealing the true or entire relationship shared between the U.S. Government and its Black population. These favorable stories and events reflect only what the U.S. Government wants its African Americans population to remember and are not historically accurate at reflecting or determining the true past relationship or the underlying present existing relationship between African Americans and the U.S. Government.
From slavery to the present, African Americans have undeniably borne an unprecedented amount of suffering and mistreatment by the U.S. government because of their race. However, so many have forgotten or repressed so much of these maltreatments and have, instead, come to accept the favorable-but-false perpetuated White persona that represents everything that White people never were -- and still are not -- in place of the truth, thus engendering a sort of psychologically induced coma concerning their own Black holocaust. Because most African Americans are denied an educational system and media reports that gives them accurate information, both historically and at present, reflecting the U.S. Governments relationship with African American, therefore most are totally oblivious of the true fundamental core character of this existing relationship. Despite the many substantial gains made today by African Americans in the field of entertainment, education, and politics, that the U.S. Government’s unyielding determination towards maintaining its White dominance by implementing methods of suppressing its Black population has not been abandoned, but rather that it has been more sophisticatedly reincarnated. Today, the masses of African Americans remain still the largest, most racially devalued and most deliberately exploited and suppressed class in America, only now the methods have changed. The methods now used by the U.S. Government avoid the conventional, blatant, now morally unacceptable methods used in the past. For the most part, today the manner of in which African Americans confront White racism is very outdated. In fact, it may be compared to the example of an old prize fighter shadow boxing in the corner of a ring long after, and totally unaware that his opponent has moved behind him now pulverizing him from the rear; or it may be compared to that of a matador in a bull fight waving his red cape in the wind attempting to taunt the bull to attack him not realizing that the bull has already done so having gouged out his heart. These examples, although very brutal, are very appropriate in describing how Black America is faring against today’s modern, and much more sophisticated, system of White racism.
Today, unfortunately, whenever the topic of racism is discussed among African Americans, this implies (for most) the images of police brutality, consumer profiling, driving while Black, and, of course, the Ku Klux Klan and other similar White anti-Black organizations. While these are all serious elements of institutionalized racism that collectively deserve our attention, these noted racist elements are neither the most prevalent nor the most detrimental form of racism faced by African Americans today. Because the blatant methods, of assuring that its White dominance be maintained, used and condoned in the past are no longer morally and socially acceptable, the U.S. Government secretly implemented a far more sophisticated method of maintaining its white dominance. In fact, one may compare America’s old system of white racism- used against African Americans in the past-- to that of its modern type by saying that the previous system had a GED while today’s methods has a PHD. For today’s system is for more sophisticated, elaborated and proficient then any system of racism previously faced by African Americans-even slavery. Today’s modern method of white racism in the United States is now secretly applied through the government’s proven method of Covert Counterintelligence Program [COINTELPRO: A misnomer for Domestic Covert Actions.] Although the formal COINTELPRO covert operations employed by the FBI directed against African Americans during the period of 1956-1971 was discontinued [upon the surface]. However, in truth--because the nineteen sixties were a period of massive black rebellion and unrest that caused the U.S. Government to feared the uprising of a violent revolution-- the FBI did not actually cease its formal domestic counterintelligence programs against African Americans, but instead actually advanced it by targeting it more broadly and secretively. Regardless of the fact that there are now today many wealthy and successful African Americans, greatly due to highly paid athletes and entertainers that benefit the White elites more than they do their own communities, the masses of African Americans remain still the most racially devalued by society and the most deliberately exploited and suppressed group in America. Today there is a far more sophisticated and massive counterintelligence program being implemented against the entire African American population as a means of ensuring that white dominance be maintained in the United States.
Because the U.S. Government’s sociologist and psychologist were well aware of the fact that those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable, it became necessary to create a more sophisticated system of white racism that deliberately wears only the appearance, if any, of being totally self afflicted by African Americans themselves. A system of white governmental racism that is implemented through the American educational, judicial and prison systems-- that prevails and is concealed through the usage of Psychological Warfare implemented through the national media that fosters a consensual environment for its unethical undertaking. Since the methods of the past are no longer morally acceptable, it became necessary for America’s White governmental elites secretly to create and apply a system more subtle, sophisticated, and socially acceptable in its application and appearance for ensuring that White dominance is maintained. Unlike the brutal system of racism used in the past that caused African Americans to rally together and unify themselves against, this modern system of racism is not easily comprehended by Blacks. It is a method so opaque that many of its Black victims remain largely unaware of it themselves. And while most African Americans may instinctively feel that something is wrong, they cannot, however, express their suspicions and conceptualize them sufficiently so that they and others can comprehend and act to defend themselves against it. It is, in fact, so sophisticated that even very bright African American individuals have little, if any, hope of extricating themselves from its brutal effects. In fact, most Blacks cannot believe that they are being attacked or subdued because it wears the appearance [if any] of being totally self-inflicted by African Americans themselves. Most African Americans have never heard of this method of asserting White racism, therefore many will find it too shocking and stunning to contemplate—nevertheless, it is directly intertwined with the many problems adversely affecting Black America today. In doing so, the United States Government acquired a far more insidious and covert method of ensuring that its white dominance is maintained that exists behind a clever shroud of secrecy and deceit — for it is in this way that the evils of racism thrive best -- when its victims do not recognize the evil.

While although this modern method of governmental white racism covertly uses the American educational system to mortifyingly mis-educate and disesteem black students and the judicial and prison systems to severely reduce black growth and upward mobility by reducing black America’s ability to procreate and to vote thus to maintain its white dominance. However, the most significant and detrimental aspect of this modern system of white governmental racism used today in America is its aspect of using psychological warfare against African Americans. [Governmental Psychological warfare is the art of directing masses and individual towards governmental objectives by means of cleverly manipulating theory and misinformation.]
Today the United States Government’s unrelenting commitment towards maintaining it's white dominance resulted in it conducting planned campaigns of extensive strategic psychological operations through the national media to influence the perception and climate of the nation towards the attainment of this governmental objectives. The U.S. Government now secretly uses mis-education, false statistics and negative propaganda media reports that equates a psychological warfare that conspires to corrupt blacks of unity, reason, and common sense, thus deliberately soliciting the disparity that has now become modern Black America as a mean of meeting its objective of maintaining white dominance in the United States.
The basis of this concept is that the human being's most critical aspect is the mind and it works by affecting the unconscious mind through deception. Its weapon is the message that it carries and the way that it adversely affects the targeted group. Here is a simplified analogy of its process at effecting Black self perception: Let us, for example, imagine that a crew of people were aboard their own massive ship and that this ship was being shadowed by another neighboring ship that was constantly broadcasting derogatory messages to the first group. Such messages as that their ship was lesser, smaller, not seaworthy, perhaps slowly sinking or that their crew was incompetent and was planning a mutiny. With time, the group receiving the negative messages, being unable to refute or to confirm these derogatory messages and deficiencies will grow weary and paranoid of the negative messages and will eventually comes to accept these negative assessments of themselves. The perception created by the taunting now unconsciously influences how the taunted group perceives themselves, subsequently causing them to become distrustful of themselves, doubting themselves, hating themselves and, eventually, fighting among themselves. The taunted group may even become so besieged by deep feelings of inadequacy that they may even jump into the sea and attempt to swim towards the taunting ship now believing it to be superior to their own boat even if their own ship was in fact better.
This concept of warfare uses the psychology of deceit to adversely affect the recipients in terms of their behavior. Within a real world setting, this is implemented against African Americans through an immense campaign of false and negative media reports and statistics created by U.S. governmental agencies that leaks the false derogatory information to its collaborators in the news media, which either knowingly or unknowingly carry the stories as their own. This false information is then deliberately perpetuated unrelentingly everywhere; it is disseminated through news releases in magazine articles, radio, television, press releases, documentaries, and false census reports perpetuating and framing the myth of Whites’ racial, moral, and ethical superiority over its Black population. However, the weapon is not in how the message is carried, but is instead within the messages that it carries and how these messages affect the targeted recipients and influence society.

This method and science of psychology works by affecting the unconscious mind through deception. It is implemented by, first, simply learning everything about the targeted group, their beliefs, likes, dislikes, strengths, and vulnerabilities. Once you know what motivates your target, you are ready to begin psychological operations against them. The U.S. governments psychological warfare and psychosocial treatment of African Americans is one that subjects African Americans to seeing, through a controlled national media, only the worst in themselves. This unrelenting daily assault on the Black psyche is designed to corrupt African Americans’ sense of racial unity, mold the character of self-hatred, and engender self-doubt, self-loathing, and distrust among their group. Thus ultimately destroying the unprecedented degree of unity and cohesion, that was so movingly demonstrated among Blacks during the 1960’s that was the significant factor for the collapse --white abandonment-- of the earlier blatant system of white racism used in the past to maintain white dominance and control.

The ultimate goal of this psychology of deceit is to create a consensual environment that facilitates the easier exploitation and suppression of Black America by engendering a shift of victimization that changes the root problem of racism in America to be due to Black’s behavior rather than White’s proclivity for racism. Therefore insinuates that America would be a better society as a whole if African Americans were gone. Thus engendering increasingly prejudiced distorted perceptions and acrimonious beliefs about African Americans that tranquilizes efforts on their behalf, makes the nation and the entire world insensitive to their plight, lessens pressure for social change on their behalf and makes any serious criticism of White racism almost impossible. When contempt of Blacks is made to appear to be justifiable, it is the most fiercest and effective type of racism because its witnesses, bystanders, and even world audiences will sit by idly allowing African Americans to be brutally mistreated disproportionately incarcerated under the belief that it is justified.] This campaign successfully stripped African Americans of the national and international support that was aquired during the 1960's

Although the United States Government portrays itself as the leading ethical and moral authority of the world and professes equal rights for all American citizens, its oldest and most important objective has always been an unyielding commitment towards the preservation of its White dominance and control. This objective has always directly correlated with the necessity to suppress the advancement and growth of its Black population. Because if the U.S. government treated its Black population in a manner which does not promote its interest of maintaining White dominance and control this would render the U.S. Government diametrically in opposition to itself. Therefore, it secretly uses every conceivable means and opportunity to suppress its Black population; even those that trample upon its own stated ethical values.

Although this conceptualizing exposing this real Life Black Matrix has been a solitary endeavor of my own toward the psychological emancipation and spiritual liberation of Black people, it has, however, never been a lonely one. The many works of a long list of brilliant and gifted Black scholars, activists, and psychologists that have dedicated their entire careers and lives towards the psychological and spiritual liberation of Black people throughout the world have been a continuous part of my studies and reflections, as I struggle to understand and make nationally known this grossly ignored conspiracy that ravishes the psyches of African Americans and Africans the entire world over. Therefore, I wish to express my deepest gratitude and acknowledgment to some of these many predecessors that have influenced and inspired me such as Dr. Carter G Woodson, Stephen B. Biko, Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Dr. Gyasi A. Foluke, Dr. Yoseph Ben-Jochannan, Dr. John Henrike Clarke, J.A. Rogers, Minister Malcolm X, Dr. C.T. Vivian, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Na'im Akbar, Cheikh Anta Diop, Arthur Schomburg, Frantz Fanon, Dr. Kenneth Clark, and his devoted wife and partner in research, Dr. Mamie Clark. The passing of many of these great predecessors affirms that one lifetime is rarely enough time when addressing the stubborn brutality of White institutionalized racism. Therefore, my life's most sincere regret is that I, too, have but one life to give to this cause.


The Black Matrix © 2006 by Franklin G. Jones

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The Black Matrix

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Such a cheap shot, please take the time to explain! Though we are busy, lets not forget about clarity!
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