Black Poetry : that night i couldn't sleep*


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Mar 26, 2001
someplace dreams are made of
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remember that night
I told you i couldn't sleep?
I was thinking about you--
i was thinking about all of you--
i thought about your smile--
your laugh--
and that crooked little smirk you show--
when i say something saracstic--

i thought about the trivial things--
they all amount to you--
showing me that no detail is to be overlooked--

everytime i see your face--
i feel i owe you all the breath
my lungs could muster up and push out
upon the world--
i owe you all of me--

that night i couldn't sleep--

showed many things--
many many things--
it showed me--
that you on the brain--
makes sleep impossible--

i want to--
coexist within all that you know--
and have come to love--

then i just might get some rest.



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