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Aug 20, 2010
Listening to an interview on WIPB with an African American Female editor. She is speaking about being one of 2 editors that resemble one another through the first impression of That Black Girl. The confusion of the 2 still happen quite haphazardly. Even though they are physically & mentally on 2 different planes, so to speak. Yes, the Stix are there but should we cont. to be blown over for being a still standing temple, also massaged to be misogynistic against who we represent.

Have you confused me
With my fellow co-workers' feel
She too is who I represent
But I am who I present
Now I know through all physical & mental
Streams how u/ see my temple
That has been massaged to simply
Individualize your ironic feelings
Into a chance to change your viewing
Of coarse That Black Girl that comes to mind everytime
Deepening to comprehend who be my Black Girl this time

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