Black Poetry : That Aint Your problem...u got ur own **** to deal with RIGHT!

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    You ever wake up and immideatly been like "Today is not Gonna be a good day!"

    u woke up late so u rushin 2 work

    jugglin carkeys, phone, food, with a wrinkled *** shirt

    u get an important call u drop ur phone it cracks in 2

    and u look at the phone like it's the phones fault " u Mutha ***** u"

    u speed 2 work and u think ur gonna make it on time

    but the white cop behind with the lights yea...he changes ur mind

    then your car breaks down so u stomp the ground

    lookin around like u lost psssd the **** off!

    tellin "god I quiet....u did this on purpose this is bull****!"

    so u grab ur **** and start walkin home

    and then u see a lil girl walkin all alone

    suddenly she trips and drop her books,

    no friends around jus u and your frown and, all u do is look

    u 2 step to the side, and u walk right by

    cuz that aint ur problem ? you got your own life

    but little did u know....why that girl dropped her books

    she dropped her books cuz she carries the weight of the world on her back

    jus dying for some help, but nobody cares 2 see that

    and every nigth she writes it in her special folder

    hell never look so good cuz atleast there, theres no cold shoulders

    and maaybe there is a justified reason for u lookin away,

    cuz maybe today is jus not your day

    or maybe u jus never been one for verbal exchange

    and maybe u just an asswhole who's never gonna change

    2 that i say this..

    .the world does not revolve around u

    step of your high horse and look from ground view

    cuz maybe that lil girl hasn't had a reason 2 smile in awhile

    cuz maybe she hasn't had time 2 be a child in awhile

    i mean whut would it cost you jus to ask her name

    form ripples of hope in the water of her brain

    cause enough ripples and a pond will form streams

    washin out all the garbage and replacin it with dreams

    that stream will form a river that travels from her temple 2 her spine

    healin her body everytime, her and her fathers fists intertwine

    and little did you know,

    ur smile could have provided 1 extra rope

    to a beautiful child strugglin up a negative slope,

    hangin on by her last thread,

    swollen Lumps covered by the hat on her head

    and everynight she's scared 2 fall asleep

    cuz everynight she hears the wooden floor squeek

    which means her drunken master creeps, like a kid on christmas eve

    and her mind says run but she paralyzed, christopher reeves

    cuz "sleep with one eye open," is exactly what he said

    most girls have monsters in their closets hers joins her in bed

    cuz her father beats her body and virginity 2 the point where her shadow walks with a crutch, and she locks her diary in a safe so atleast her mind cant get touched,

    with scar covered knees cuz she prays so much, she doesn't even fight it anymore cuz she expects it as such

    rape has become routine, so she lays silent no screams

    she just lays their lifeless

    like "i prolly deserve this so why fight this"

    she lays their thinking God is a man Obviously

    cuz no woman would allow this devil 2 do this 2 me

    no woman would not send help 2 and rescue me

    but in Gods defense he sent help daily

    but he wasn't relying ona mythical angel with wings or a harp,

    jus regular you ..

    who decided they was gonna have a ****** up day before it even start...

    but u were so focused on urself and ur own problems/

    that u missed even the opportunities 2 solve em

    cuz that girl walked home alone that night

    with no form of happiness in sight

    and took that knife and took her life

    but that aint your problem......u got your own **** 2 deal with Right?
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    so sad but true. we all need to remember that there are people who are worse off than we are. one word, glance, gesture,etc. could be that one push of strength a battered soul needs. tyte drop.

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    Your piece is an awesome write.
    I felt like I was reading a story I
    envision the little girl, and the sad
    look on her face. We are guilty
    at some time or another of being
    to caught up and wrapped up in our
    own mess. It really makes you think!

    Awesome Scribe
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    There is often someone out there who is having a much worse time of it than we are, but self absorption prevents us from seeing that. Potently posed.