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Jan 3, 2002
Beloved Brother IAMJAHLUL:

Brother, you reveal a Mind that is in touch with your Divinity and your questions are much needed for answers, the kind that, as you have so wisely indicated, can not be reveal by the use of an Internet sound bite.

So I will leave you with this my brother, which is, the Freedom and Liberation of Black Folks Mind, will not come from an act of Magic, Wanting, Hoping and Vain Change, it will come from the actual use of our own Divine Mind, which is why the Need of a Black Afrikan Retreat is essential to understanding the Divine Information I share, which you indicate that most of us do not Know, therefore can not Understand, which prevent us from having the Wisdom to get up off of our Behind and rescue our Black Selves.

Brother, the answer to your Questions are Right before us, but we have neglected the obvious that is a part of us, and I will leave that statement for those of us, now coming to be Living In Black again and to Think About what that which I have shared with you Mean.

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder

IAMJAHLUL <> wrote:

Beloveth Chief,

as I think of ways that we can unify, and liberate the minds of our families. The first question is, where is our power base ? Where is our armed forces ? Where are our schools ? Where are our sanctuaries ? How do we get to our rightful place on earth ?

Where is the entertainment that enlightens, and free our spirits. Not at the touch of a remote control. The answer to these few question I am sure that many have. Where is the "mason dixon line."

I am feeling that there will be Divine intervention that will uplift us. You know like energy from the dark energy in space that you spoke of. "Chief few know of the knowledge that you shared. To many are afraid of the dark. Did you get much response on that one. It may take awhile for that one to sink in. Way out where they've never been before in their minds. We thank you Chief for sharing the wisdom & teachings of our Divine Spiritual Ancient Ancestor.




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