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The Age of Aquarius
Sep 27, 2005
By Lanette OracleMa'at-el Ra

THANKSGIVING: (Thanks for giving us your land and your souls) which is the ritual of OPPRESSION. Why would any normal person offer thanks for this holiday that involved thievery, treachery, rape, and murder & CANNABILISM of the Natives of this “great” country?? This ritual keeps people oppressed, depressed, worried and FEARFUL. Here’s a brief HIStory lesson about this ritualistic “holiday.”

1. Moors from Baghdad Turkey threatened European Christians and on November 25, 1491 Santiago defeats the last Muslim Control and King Ferdinand gives thanks to his god for the victory.

2. Next the proclamation of the Pope of Rome lead by Queen Isabella (married to King Ferdinand) sent her army to Spain to KILL any AFRIKANS/Blacks who RESISTED CHRISTIANITY. The Afrikan men and women were the ORIGINAL MOORS from Baghdad TURKEY who were your ANCESTORS. So every time you eat TURKRY you pay homage to the Neanderthal for killing your ANCESTORS.

3. Now we come to the Native or Indigenous people of this country. In case you didn’t know, before any other group of people came to the America’s, AFRIKANS were already here. They had already established a culture and others came an inbred with the AFRIKANS who gave birth to the NATIVE race. Documented remains were discovered as early as the 12th century are of Afrikan origin (Moorish) but i feel they were much older than just 12th century. After the Indigenous people helped and assisted the Europeans in their wars with Canada, 1763 Lord Jeffery Amherst launched the first biological warfare on the indigenous Afrikan Natives by passing out blankets contaminated with SMALL POX killing MILLIONS!

4. There is European documentation in the Library of Congress that openly states their cannibalism of eating Afrikan indigenous Indians in 1848 and they still perform cannibalistic rituals this very day on THANKSGIVING.

5. The “traditional” food prepared and consumed add to the ritual as you fill your bellies with food that is not natural or necessary, your mental shuts down and your belly fills keeping you in your lower nature while your PINEAL gland (first eye) is deactivated. (Research the effects of turkey on the body). While you all are eating TURKEY (remember the Moors of Baghdad TURKEY), the symbolism is that you are partaking in the defeat, murder and constant demise of your own culture and species so eat up and ENJOY!

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