Thank You Premium Members : Thank You Sister SistahIsis !!!

Discussion in 'Thank You Premium Members!' started by Destee, Sep 29, 2003.

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    :wave: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Sista Isis :wave:

    :wave: ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Sister :wave:

    You have done what very few have done, joined us and immediately contributed to our Family !!! WoW !!! That is pretty awesome !!! That you already feel comfortable enough here, that you already care enough about us to help this effort continue and thrive. That is such an honor Sister and i'm so very grateful you thought so highly of us!!! Ohhhh don't think a Sister aint gonna tell folk !!! :) I'm telling everyone !!! Let someone ask me !!! :) Thank you so much.

    Please make yourself comfortable and at home here, because you truly are. I do hope to see you in voice chat soon. We have a Sister Chat every Tuesday evening, and there is some scheduled chat going on every night of the week! So please, click on everything, get all comfortable ... cause you're at home Sister !!!

    You have never been in voice chat yet, i don't believe. But when you do join us, use the USERNAME and PASSWORD i've given you in the Private Message i sent. When you get to the chat login screen, instead of just entering your name, click on MEMBERS LOGIN, and enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD i sent. You will be brought into the room as yourself, with an "M" next to your name. You will be able to send private messages in voice chat. This is just one small thing i can give back to those who are helping our community stay alive.

    Thank You For Going Above and Beyond!


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    u make me blush!!

    all i needed to do was browse around the forums to realize that this endeavor is worth supporting!

    blessings to you and our family!