Thank You Premium Members : Thank You Sister LilChiTownLady !!!

Discussion in 'Thank You Premium Members!' started by Destee, Aug 27, 2003.

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    Hey Sister LIL CHI TOWN :wave:

    Ohhhhhhh Sister !!!! :jumping: Thank You !!!!!

    Most of you probably won't even recognize Sister ChiTown's name. She doesn't post on the forum much. Since we've been having our Sister Chats every Tuesday night, she's been more present ... coming in and giving love, sharing experiences, encouraging us all ... every week. Well, last night, i was working on getting the contribution form up and stuff, during our Sister Chat ... and i think Sister BlueWater got booted out of chat, so i took the mic to keep things moving, and started talking about what i was working on and how i planned to get it launched last night ... well ... you know what Sister Chi Town Lady said? ... she said, "Destee, i got my credit card out, where do i go to pay?!" ... that's what she said yall ... that's it ... and then she went and contributed, right then and there. I have her contribution right now as i type this !!!!

    I don't care what folk say about us. We do help each other. We do support each other. We are our evidence of this and we should not let anyone discourage us from believing in each other.

    Thank you Sister Chi Town Lady!!! So Very Much!!!


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    Awww Sweet Destee your more than welcome my sister. You have given more than your share of blood sweat and tears to keep this community on it's feet. I feel honored to help you out in the communites time of need. You said that we are 3000 strong now, since starting in 1997. I would love to see your membership reach 3,000,000 strong, so if that means give a little to receive a lot (love, support guidence, structure, information, giving of one's self) then I'm in.

    Stay Sweet... Stay Positive... Remain Strong...
    LiL Chi-Town Lady