Thank You Premium Members : Thank You Sister Deepa !!!

Discussion in 'Thank You Premium Members!' started by Destee, Aug 31, 2003.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Deepa !!!! :wave:

    You know what Sister ??!!! I was just looking to see how long you've been here, knowing you were relatively new but was totally shocked to find you have not even been here ONE WHOLE MONTH YET !!! Wow !!!! It's like you've been here forever !!! My Sister, you drove right up onto the property, stepping out yo' truck, pick'n up yo' own shovel out the back of it ... and ask'n ... what work needs to be done !!! ... i mean, ya know dude ??!! ... hehehe ... but it's not like we just exactly met each other ... :) ... but even with that, who wooda ever thunk this ??!!! ... wood you had thunk this ????!!! ... i surely wood not have thunk this !!! :) .... God is Good ... as though the Ancestors have blessed us with us each other ... put us together ... and you are such a great help, giving everywhere ... even right here ... only a Member since 8/8/03 ... the month isn't even over yet ... and you are reaching into your pocket giving to our effort here ... as a matter of fact, you offered to give even before this, even before i ever posted this, or made mention of it to you ... you offered me ... and i said no, thank you Deepa, you give so much already ... all of this from a Sister who has been a part of this Family for less than 30 days !!!

    Our Ancestors are with us ... thank you Sister, for everything.