Thank You Premium Members : Thank You Sister Cassie !!!

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    :wave: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Sister Cassie :wave:

    :wave: ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Sister :wave:

    Sister Cassie, you too are joining this very small group of folk that have not really participated much, but are stepping forward to contribute. WoW!!! I remember when we first met, in voice chat. Do you remember that Sister? Seems like it was a long time ago, during our early days of voice chat. I've often wondered where you went, why you don't come in more often ... wassup with that Sister Cassie !!! :) C'mon, don't be a stranger. We have Sister Chats every Tuesday night and a host of other chats throughout the week. We have the forums here as well. I don't think you've ever posted yet. Whatcha wait'n on ??? Okay Okay Okay, i don't mean to rush ... but could you please hurry! :)

    Thank you so much Sister, for thinking enough of our effort here to contribute your money. I am honored. Please know that you are welcome and at home here, because you are.

    The next time you come into voice chat, use the USERNAME and PASSWORD i've given you in the Private Message i sent. When you get to the chat login screen, instead of just entering your name, click on MEMBERS LOGIN, and enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD i sent. You will be brought into the room as yourself, with an "M" next to your name. You will be able to send private messages in voice chat. This is just one small thing i can give back to those who are helping our community stay alive.

    Thank You For Going Above and Beyond!